iPad Pro 9.7" :: Pencil Clip

by Volker Weber


I found a way to hold the Apple Pencil on the iPad Cover. And as you can see, it stays put, although it's only held at one end:


How does that happen? There are small magnets in the cover that help you fold it. The strongest are actually on the outside, but then Pencil is to close to the edge. This pencil holder is sold by Muji. You have to be careful though and bend it back so it does not scratch the screen. I am going to put some white tape on it.


I did the same on the front and you cannot see that gap from more than a few centimeters away.


As you can see in the first picture, I put the pencil holder on the middle panel, close to the right fold. That is on purpose. There are small magnets at this fold to hold the tip of the pencil. At the same time, you can still do the triangle fold to prop up the iPad.


If you let the tip of the pen stick out, you can safely store and remove the pencil when the iPad is propped up. That is going to be handy on airplanes.

This is my first solution. Not perfect yet, since it is not holding the pencil tight enough to keep it in place when the iPad is in a bag. But you won't lose it when you are using it on a table.


I just ordered the Stilgut Pencil Halter. No Metal. No tape, but leather. Let's see on Saturday how well it works.

Peter Meuser, 2016-05-06

The "Apple Pencil Magnet" from moxiware also looks promising.

Christian Heindel, 2016-05-06

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