Plantronics Voyager 5200 Series

by Volker Weber


Plantronics upgrades its Voyager headset with better noise cancellation. The new 5200 series adds a fourth microphone, a new algorithm to discover and eliminate wind noise, and modifies the microphone boom to protect the microphones from wind. When I had to rely on a headset to work with dictation software, it turned out that the Voyager Legend was superior to the more convenient Voyager Edge. Sound is all important and the 5200 wants to improve outdoor use.

Voyager 5200 is available now, the 5200 UC variant becomes available soon and I am waiting for this model. The new 5200 UC replaces the BT300 dongle that came with previous UC models with the new BT600, that also completes the Voyager Focus UC headset that I love so much. It also includes this charging case, which is slightly larger than the Legend case:


The case recharges the headset when you put it away and it also holds the BT600 dongle when you remove it from your computer. While you can pair a Voyager headset directly with your PC, using the Plantronics dongle comes with a number of benefits, the most important one being that you don't have to reconfigure your software when the headset is off or not paired. BT600 is recognized as a sound device, not a Bluetooth device.


The new charging case also doubles as a desktop stand. You can just place the headset directly on the case, as it has a second charge connector that is accessible from the top.

The headset has a few minor modifications. Volume buttons moved to the top where the Voyager Pro had its volume control. Two distinct buttons are always easy to find with your finger tips. The Legend has a slider at the back which also worked well for me.


And more importantly, the 5200 series adds a MicroUSB port which was missing from the Legend. Even without the charging case you no longer need a little accessory to fit between the cable and the charging port. It now has both options: the quick magnetic connector for the case/stand and a MicroUSB port.


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