Updated list of impolite Twitter spammers

by Volker Weber


Go get the list here. More than 4000 entries. Instructions: go to twitter.com in your browser, click your avatar in the upper right, Settings, Blocked accounts, Advanced options, Import a list.

Bam, 4000+ spammers gone.


Importing the blocking list is blocked by Twitter :-)
"We cannot complete this at this time...."
Schade, wäre auch zu schön gewesen.

Jens Nullmeyer, 2016-07-12

Ja, bei mir auch nix mit Import. Die bekommen langsam Angst vor Volker ;-)

Nils Michael Becker, 2016-07-12

Ihr müsst einfach etwas Geduld haben. Bei mir hat es vorhin ein paar Versuche gebraucht bis es geklappt hat.

Abdelkader Boui, 2016-07-12

Die Liste ist mittlerweile länger als Twitter das erwartet.

Volker Weber, 2016-07-13

Danke. Zusammen mit deiner Liste bin ich jetzt bei 5.000. Liegt hier: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ag6eZLAClxYEiuBbpPAmY2Zu9thgVw

Armin Auth, 2016-07-13

dont despair, keep on clicking... funnily enough, upon clicking import list, the pop-up reads "attach list for export"?
but it worked, so thanks good mothership.

Chris Frei, 2016-07-13

Oh, nein, Vowe hat Twitter kaputtgemacht.

Kristof Doffing, 2016-07-13

Got the List from Armin and separated it into 3 blocks. Then uploaded them one by one. Worked without problems.

I also got the message, that there was a problem with the upload and that I should try again later but after 3-4 times it worked.

Thanks to vowe and to Armin.

Alper Iseri, 2016-07-13

Alper, I had already quite an overlap with Volker since I imported earlier his first list. However, I seem to use the same procedure like him - when a promoted tweet gets in, the user gets blocked. With very very few notable exceptions only.

Armin Auth, 2016-07-13

I also use the same procedure like you two. But your list had a quite number of accounts, that were not on my list. Thanks again.

Alper Iseri, 2016-07-14

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