Sonos + Spotify + Alexa

by Volker Weber

Big announcement today from Sonos in New York City. Cutting to the chase, three things are happening:

  1. Control your Sonos with Amazon Alexa; far-field voice control. Works with any Alexa-enabled device like Echo, Echo Dot, Tap and FireTV. Beta at the end of the year, available in 2017.
  2. Sonos joins the Spotify Connect ecosystem. You can control Sonos directly from your Spotify app, no matter where you are. Beta in October.
  3. New Sonos update very shortly making it easier to control your speakers from the Sonos controller. Instead of managing the queue, you now default to playing directly whatever you select. Queue management takes a backseat but does not go away.

Exciting stuff, especially looking forward to the Spotify integration.

PS: I also learned that Sonos has a CMO who is not a good public speaker. :-)


OK, now they've done it. They've added two capabilities that will make my home better for the entire family. Alexa for voice control for my wife and Spotify as a controller for The Girl. Now I have a reason to invest in more Sonos hardware this year. Kudos.

Rob McDonagh, 2016-08-30

I learned about #3 in the beta: it works different know, but list mgmt is still confusing. ;-)

#1 I like from a technical point of view, but guess there are people in my household who will not allow me to enable it.

But #2 is a real breakthrough! This is the best thing they could do and make all little thoughts and doubts, if I've chosen the right system (after growing to 1 Sub, 1 Playbar, 1 P5, 1P3 & 2P1), disappear. Greatest news!

Jonas Rathert, 2016-08-30

The video makes a very compelling story.



Ian Bradbury, 2016-08-30

Very cool. I've got Sonos and Alexa-enabled devices at home and mostly use Spotify for music.

Bob Congdon, 2016-08-31

Curious this video is not shared on their twitter stream yet.

Will be interesting to see if Alexa can combine zones into groupings

John Head, 2016-08-31

Do you know when Alexa will be available in Germany?

And what about the PLAY:5?

It already has built-in microphones that should be able to handle far-field voice input. Why the need for an extra device? Software just not ready, yet? Or maybe they want to wait until also the PLAY:1 and PLAY:3 have built-in microphones?

Christian Heindel, 2016-08-31

I don't know about Alexa. It will be difficult since we always speak in two languages. "Alexa, spiele Musik von The Pineapple Thief".

Regarding PLAY:5 as Alexa input - I think you are getting ahead of yourself ... :-)

Volker Weber, 2016-08-31

... just one very simple wish by somebody who does not need gimmicks like Alexa (as I am still able to move myself to the respective gear :)
Sonos should show the YEAR of songs, LPs, CDs, whatever. And one should be able to sort and select by YEAR. I don't understand why this seems to be impossible ... all is in the tags. For a music lover this seems to be a little more important. Nix für ungut :)

Stephan Perthes, 2016-08-31

I'd rather have voice control for the Sonos app (Google / Siri) than the need to buy additional stuff from Amazon. But let's see when the Alexa speakers are available in Germany.

Joachim Bode, 2016-08-31

Btw: is there a reason why the Play:3 is missing at the "family picture"?

Thomas Lang, 2016-08-31

Good question. I would not miss it.

Volker Weber, 2016-09-02

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