Apple iBook coming to vowe's magic flying circus

by Volker Weber


After having a very good time with Lucy I have asked Apple to send me an iBook to try that out and write about my experience. Before she arrives I have already christened her Heidi. I wonder what she looks like and whether she has a 14" wide body or the slim 12" I requested. :-)

If everything works out as planned Heidi will be my escort for CeBIT. And before someone gets jealous, no, she is not going to stay here.


these ibooks are sophisticated.. perhaps not as classy as the metal powerbooks for some, but i'll take a sweet white icing ibook over a metal plate any day :)

I'm jealous anyway.

Jan-Piet Mens, 2003-03-07 11:36

Why Heidi? Why not Helga ?

Because then Volker can sing: "Heidi, komm doch heim, find dein Glück, komm doch wieder zurück!" :-)

Jan-Piet Mens, 2003-03-07 21:35

Nein..., wenn er romantischer war... dann Isolde. ;-)

Hey, how do YOU convince Apple to send you anything? In the U.S., they're unforthcoming with hardware loaners unless you're at the NY Times or the Washington Post.


Esther Schindler, 2003-03-14 20:10

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