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by Volker Weber


Thank you, Gregg!

BlackBerry nennt jetzt alles anders

by Volker Weber


Um den Schwenk vom Smartphone-Hersteller zum Softwareanbieter zu vollziehen, benennt BlackBerry sämtliche Produkte um. Die Marken Good und Watchdox verschwinden. In Zukunft heißt alles BlackBerry.

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Setapp Announces Early Access to 'Unstore' Alternative to Apple's Mac App Store

by Volker Weber

Setapp is a new subscription service that makes a growing suite of more than 45 popular macOS applications available to users for a flat monthly fee. Anyone who wants early access to the platform, which is scheduled for release early next year, must register at the Setapp website and priority admission will be granted on a rolling basis over the coming weeks. The new service is the latest spinoff of hugely successful, award-winning Mac software company MacPaw which has an installed base of more than 5 million customers worldwide.

It's a pretty impressive list of apps, most of which I don't know, with a few I like (CleanMyMac) or don't like (Elmedia Player). Setapp will work like Netflix or Spotify. You pay a monthly fee (think 10€) and you can use all apps in Setapp until you stop paying up.

I will have a limited number of invites that will grant instant access to the beta. Just comment if you'd like to be in.

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The Weeknd :: Starboy

by Volker Weber

This was a pretty spectacular segment of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris. If you play this on your phone or PC, you are missing most of the sound.

BlackBerry is going to rewrite history today

by Volker Weber


BlackBerry is going to make a marketing move that nobody has tried before. The standard process goes like this: you talk to analysts, then you talk to press, then you talk to the public. Companies that have known me for a while tend to put me into the analyst bucket, those who don't into the press bucket.

Here is the new move: BlackBerry will talk to the public at 5pm and then to the press at 10pm.

I am not sure what that means. Without any insights into what they put up their sleeves a few things are obvious:

The transition is already happening, as you may have noticed on your Android device. This used to be WatchDox.


Here is a little before and after comparison. WatchDox or BlackBerry Workspaces is a DRM scheme that locks away your files.

ZZ3E0E6ED3 ZZ7E87A899

Speaking to the public first and to press later means something that I haven't figured out yet. We will find out tonight. I hope it's not stupid.

A conversation with Donovan Brown about DevOps and Docker at Microsoft

by Volker Weber

Donovan Brown is the Senior DevOps Program Manager at Microsoft. We talked at the Microsoft Technical Summit 2016 in Darmstadt.

IBM Verse on Premises to ship at the end of the year

by Volker Weber

I love it when IBM delivers on its promise. And it's not one of those Decembers that has 62 days.

Pebble has left the building

by Volker Weber


Pebble is ceasing all hardware operations. We are no longer manufacturing, promoting, or selling any new products. Active Pebble models in the wild will continue to work. ...

Backers will get refunds for any unfulfilled rewards. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, we were excited to bring Pebble 2, Time 2, and Core to the world. We’ve since shipped every Pebble 2 possible, but can’t say the same for the remaining rewards. Pebble Time 2, Pebble Core, and Pebble Time Round Kickstarter Editions will not go into final production.

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Save the date :: 30-DEC-2016

by Volker Weber


Es ist mir wie immer ein Fest. Ich bin da. Und Du?


by Volker Weber

Mural was a nice discovery at the Microsoft Technical Summit. It does not only work on Surface Hub, but any Windows 10 PC. The app is free but you need a paid subscription.

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