Living UPdate

by Volker Weber


Half a year and two and a half million steps later, I am keeping up with my two hour minimum walk schedule. September and October look weaker than they were, due to the slow service process at Jawbone. I was missing my band for 19 days. Since I have had my iPhone 6 Plus I have also started tracking with Withings Healthmate (screenshot on the right), which works very well without a separate tracking device. I am now at 18k steps a day, give or take a few.

Walking (a lot) more has changed me to the better, but also going to bed earlier (11pm instead of 1am). Not every single day, but most often.

Spending money on Windows Phone apps

by Volker Weber

Today, some 20 € expired on my Microsoft account. So I tried to spend it before losing it. That was not easy. As it turns out, Windows Phone is perfect for people who want to get all their apps for free. Everything that's any good is also free. Like Rudy Huyn's great apps. Why are they free? Because he can't really make any money with them anyway. See above. And that's the most prolific developer on the platform.

New Outlook for Mac available to Office 365 customers

by Volker Weber


Today we are announcing the new Outlook for the Mac, which delivers improved performance and reliability and a fresh look and feel that is unmistakably Microsoft Office. This release offers a more familiar and consistent experience between Outlook on the PC, Outlook on the web and Outlook Web App (OWA) for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

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Perfect Service

by Volker Weber


I had one Sonos Controller with partially unresponsive touchscreen. Sonos issued an RMA and sent a UPS label. I dropped the package into the next UPS truck and within 48 hours had a new controller. Perfect!

heise online: Mehr Überwachung statt Mehreinnahmen? Schluss mit dem Unfug!

by Volker Weber

Es kann doch nicht sein, dass wir landesweit mit riesigem Aufwand ein System installieren, das nichts, aber auch gar nichts zur Lösung irgendeines Problems beiträgt außer dem, dass der CSU-Chef vor den heimischen Stammtischen blöd dastehen könnte.

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Drucker gesucht

by Volker Weber


Alle 15 Jahre kaufe ich mal einen Drucker. Aktuell habe ich einen Laserjet 1200 und der quietscht und eiert langsam. Toner ist auch bald alle, da bietet es sich an, mal was neues zu kaufen. Ich drucke vielleicht 250 Blatt im Jahr, also fast nichts. Tinte fällt deshalb aus, Farbe brauche ich auch nicht.

Ich mag keinen Treiber-Ärger. Anschluss im Netzwerk oder am Airport Express.

Was kauft man da? Vielleicht einen Samsung Xpress?

Update: Die Frage hat sich erledigt. Wir haben gerade erst solche Drucker in c't getestet. Der Samsung ist gekauft.

Apple CEO Tim Cook on equality

by Volker Weber

I don’t consider myself an activist, but I realize how much I’ve benefited from the sacrifice of others. So if hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their equality, then it’s worth the trade-off with my own privacy.

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Lenovo Completes Acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google

by Volker Weber


Lenovo will operate Motorola as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Motorola’s headquarters will remain in Chicago. With the completion of the acquisition, Lenovo welcomes the addition of a new portfolio company with nearly 3,500 employees around the world -- including about 2,800 in the U.S. -- who design, engineer, sell and support Motorola’s outstanding devices.

Let the games beging.

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ConnectED 2015

by Volker Weber

January's ConnectED 2015 is a 'do not miss' event. We heard you loud and clear, and this year we are focused on providing the richest technical information possible and the Enterprise Social and Digital Experience Solution roadmaps and business strategy sessions you found so helpful in years past. We believe that, from the over 500 abstracts submitted, we can create the right balance of technical nuts and bolts information you can't find anywhere else and valuable business and IT strategy that the attending business leaders in your organization will really enjoy.

Are you going? I haven't heard from IBM yet, so I have no idea if I will be there.

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Katryna Dow :: Shift Happens

by Volker Weber

I am constantly inspired, worried and empowered by the change I see happening around us. It seems we are at a place of amazing opportunity, yet many of the technology decisions we face right now will ultimately lead us down two very different paths.

Please read and understand.

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