VanMoof Electrified S Unboxing :: With Frau Brandlinger

by Volker Weber

iPhone-Kamera blitzschnell starten

by Volker Weber

Ink support in Windows 10

by Volker Weber


As I was thinking about different 2-in-1 concepts for Windows 10, I could not help but notice how well Windows plays with Surface. Yes, I know, surprise! Microsoft makes both. But there are quite a few things that I would want to do on iPad and simply can't.

Number 1 is the ability to annotate a web page. That's built into the Edge browser. Tap an icon, take your pen and fire away. Not in Safari on iPad Pro. I would have to take a screenshot and then open that in Paper by 53.


Number 2 is the ability to write with your pen instead of using a keyboard. When you are holding your Surface and tap with your finger to open an entry field, it will show a keyboard. But if you tap with the pen, it opens a writing area. And if that thing understands my handwriting, it will certainly understand yours.


And then there is the ink workspace. Tap a small icon and it opens up. Select what you want to do from there. I don't particularly like the stickies. But being able to make a screenshot of the current screen, no matter what's on it, and then being able to annotate that? Sweet. That's number 3. On the iPad Pro I have to do the screenshot + Paper thing explained above.

Number 4: click the pen button and get a blank page in OneNote. Double click it to first select a region on the current screen and import that into OneNote.

And number 5, just to complete the list: you can go to an empty page to doodle on from the ink space. It's just one page, you can easily delete it. Or save your doodle into a file before you hit that delete icon to get a blank page.

That's the stuff, that's built right in by Microsoft. On top of that you get real applications.

How BlackBerry lost the empire

by Volker Weber

BlackBerry never had a successful smartphone. Their commanding market share was built on rather simple messaging devices and an architecture that allowed customers to tie into their internal, walled-off mail infrastructures.

When iPhone launched in 2007 the writing was on the wall. This was not a highly efficient device with a long battery life and super low demand on network bandwidth. This was a real computer with a web browser, always connected. It brought down the AT&T network and other carriers around the world. They had to invest into their networks and iPhone paved the way for real smartphones.

When BlackBerry finally caught up with BlackBerry 10, it was too late. If you develop apps, you don't want yet another platform. You are busy doing Android and iOS. No software, no customers.

And in the enterprise space BlackBerry made a major mistake. BES5 would handle all old BlackBerrys, but BlackBerry 10 demanded a new BES10 server. And BES5 was not upgradable to BES10. You had to make an enterprise sale to deploy a new architecture. And an enterprise sale takes years.

BES12 rectified this situation, somewhat. But again, it did not help the BB10 platform since customers had long started deploying iPads. When you safely handle iPads, you can also handle iPhones. There was no need for BB10.

Then last year, BlackBerry changed course again with their Android initiative. Making a super expensive PRIV was probably not a smart idea. Sales just did not add up. And when DTEK50 shipped, I told you this does not feel like BlackBerry at all. It's a secure Android device with a berry on the back.

We can take a lesson from this. BlackBerry could not transition from the super successful initial BlackBerry platform to BB10 and then Android. Palm could not successfully launch the webOS platform. Nokia could not take their Symbian success and make it on Windows Phone. And I will give you another one: GoPro will not be able to take their action camera success and battle DJI in the drone space.

Will BlackBerry succeed in the software space? I don't know. Companies who retire their BlackBerrys are likely to also retire the vendor. Buying Good was a smart move. Because that is where many customers are swimming. And they will be surprised to find BlackBerry at this beach.

BlackBerry still launching a handset next month

by Volker Weber


I contacted BlackBerry and asked two questions. I got the answer within minutes:

Is BlackBerry going ahead with the DTEK?


Is BlackBerry still committed to Android updates?


Both DTEKs are not made my BlackBerry but by TCL who also developed the hardware. There is a third device in the pipeline and I have not asked about that. BlackBerry will not be developing further handset hardware, and frankly, there isn't anybody left who understands hardware. But they will continue to invest in software. And then enable others to make BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry is now a software company

by Volker Weber

'Our new Mobility Solutions strategy is showing signs of momentum, including our first major device software licensing agreement with a telecom joint venture in Indonesia. Under this strategy, we are focusing on software development, including security and applications. The company plans to end all internal hardware development and will outsource that function to partners. This allows us to reduce capital requirements and enhance return on invested capital,' continued Chen.

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From my inbox :: VIPP

by Volker Weber


I am a sucker for VIPP. Their products are expensive and made with extreme care. I have this, this, this, this, and now this.


Some of those I bought for myself, some I got as presents. Thank you! And there is always at least one item on my wish list.

IBM Collaboration Solutions cognitive and roadmap update :: September 2016

by Volker Weber

Ed Brill has been travelling with this presentation last week. I really hope that IBM can close the gap between aspiration and delivery.

Werbemüll von @manager_magazin abstellen

by Volker Weber


Ich weiß nicht, warum das Manager Magazin den Prozess so geregelt hat, aber anscheinend ist der Twitter-Account die einzige Anlaufstelle, die den Müllversand abstellen kann. Ich bin gespannt. So ganz sicher ist der/die mit dem Twitter-Account auch nicht.

Still going strong :: Microsoft Surface

by Volker Weber


I watch Apple events on Apple TV. And I watch Microsoft events on Surface 3. I just have to.

This little machine does not get enough love on vowe dot net. The reason is that I don't have my trusted apps on Windows: iA Writer for writing copy, Pixelmator for editing photos, Imagewell for preparing screenshots, a blog editor for my ancient CMS. It's all on my Mac, and for iPhone and iPad I am using Workflow to streamline things and of course iA Writer for copy.

I really like the design of Windows 10. I like that little machine. If your software portfolio is different from mine, you may like it as well.

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