Glückwunsch @herr_lampe

by Volker Weber

Aus meiner Inbox:

Für mich hat sich etwas neues ergeben und so werde ich zukünftig bei Microsoft die Rolle des Director Communications Europe und die Leitung des regionalen Kommunikationsteams übernehmen. Eine Aufgabe auf die ich mich sehr freue.

Es freut mich außerordentlich, dass Ben Lampe diesen wohlverdienten Karrieresprung macht. Und sonst gilt: Pina ist der neue Ben. Auch das ist gut!

Samsung Considering Shake-Up in Management :: WSJ

by Volker Weber

Samsung produced about 20% more devices than it did of the Galaxy S5’s predecessor, basing the numbers on a survey of its carrier partners around the world, who were asked to predict demand but who weren’t on the hook for any unsold devices, according to the person. That led to merchandise piling up in warehouses, forcing Samsung to increase marketing expenditures to unload the devices.

In all, Samsung sold about 40% fewer Galaxy S5 smartphones than expected, with about 12 million units sold to consumers in the first three months since April compared with about 16 million units for the preceding flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Samsung is considering a new manager. I would suggest that Samsung needs to build more desirable devices. And that does not mean more features. Since I have upgraded a Nexus device to Lollipop, the Galaxy Note 4 looks completely outdated, although it's a brand new device.

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by Volker Weber


Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for winning the F1 world championship. I met him once last year, and I found him to be very likable. Congratulations to BlackBerry as well for finding a good sponsorship. Mercedes AMG Petronas is an excellent team and it has provided the best power train as well as the best car. It clearly dominated the series.

The partnership goes beyond a financial transaction. I visited the team in Brackley a few weeks ago and interviewed their IT director. The team is a heavy user of both BlackBerry devices as well as BBM video which lets race engineers connect back to the mothership.

The Executive Director Toto Wolff is a BlackBerry addict who carries both a personal and a business device. I asked how that is necessary, if the BlackBerry allows you separate work from personal use. It turns out he still prefers the 9790 as a personal BlackBerry. Toto said he was actually carrying three: his private 9790 and a Q10 transitioning to a Passport. He was hoping to replace his Macbook with the Passport.

Futura Steps

by Volker Weber


Max Bäumle is working on a watch face that displays the current step count on a Pebble Smartwatch. Step tracking is done on the iPhone and the app fetches the step count from the phone. The first prototype did this every 15 minutes, which isn't often enough when you are walking. I am doing about 100 steps a minute, if you run, you will do a lot more. So I proposed to check every minute as long as you clock 80 steps per minute, and then fall back to every 15 minutes until you clock another 80 steps. This may need a few adjustments so it continues checking if you just wait at a traffic light or pick up after your dog.

Porsche Design P'9982 and P'9983

by Volker Weber


BlackBerry currently makes two devices for Porsche Design, who designed them and sell them through their stores. I like BlackBerry 10 devices and I have no problem with rich people spending way more money than normal people. The P`09982 is an all touch device with a really nice leather back. The P'9983 is a keyboard&touch device. Both are built to the highest standard and ooze quality.


There is only one problem: the P'9982 (1250 €) is a Z10 and the P'9983 (1650 €) is a Q10.


A Z30 beats a Z10 in every which way. The Q10 isn't even in the same league as a Passport. The only technical change is 64 GB instead of 16 GB storage. And all of them can be expanded via microSD storage.

If you want to spend lots of money on relatively small BlackBerry devices with two year old technology, you can buy either one. If you want a really great BlackBerry, then by all means get a Passport. It runs rings around both of them. And you look much smarter.

Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time

by Volker Weber

Brands and social media

by Volker Weber

Brands are welcome to join Ello, but if their content sucks, nobody will want to follow them. If a brand's content is awesome, they deserve to build big followings.

So simple.

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Nigel Stanford :: CYMATICS :: Science vs. Music Nigel Stanford:: CYMATICS :: Science vs. Music

by Volker Weber

Tesla Coil :: Chladni Plate :: Speaker Dish :: Ferro Fluid :: Hose Pipe :: Ruben's Tube

[Thanks, Uwe]

IBM Verse :: It could be worse

by Volker Weber

Use and Adoption of IBM Connections: State of the Market 4Q2014

by Volker Weber


Michael Sampson writes:

A couple of months ago I kicked off a global survey on the use and adoption of IBM Connections. The survey garnered 58 valid responses, and the results are finally available.

Download your copy of the survey report. It is free, and registration is not required.

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