United Carry-On Luggage

by Volker Weber


This is going to hurt. United Airlines has changed the maximum dimensions of carry-on luggage by reducing the width to 14 inches. None of my suitcases matches this width. They are all 15.7 inches.

I am just carrying a soft bag, and I can bring a "personal item". I am not affected, but if United checks these dimensions, there will be a lot of angry customers.

An update on IBM Mail Next

by Volker Weber

You can skip the first 29 minutes of industry strength blabla, if you understand the following:

A couple of takeaways: the design has become considerably more "classic" than what you saw in January. Less radical, more useful, much better use of screen estate. There is no mention of Blackberry or Windows Phone. None. Availability will be very selective and run into 2015. In the cloud.

Mail Next runs on Domino, plus a lot of things around it. We will have to see how IBM is ever going to package it for installation within your company. Same delivery mechanism as iNotes. And Kramer Reeves was very clear about the direction: move to iNotes 9.0.1 ASAP, use the browser plugin for legacy Notes apps.

Don't expect a press release about the future of the fat Notes Client. The direction is very clear to me. Browser and Mobile. Mobile means Android and iOS, unless a customer dumps big money on IBM to develop beyond.

Lumia 930 vs 1020

by Volker Weber


I shall be in New York next week. Time to decide which tools to prepare. Actually, I don't really have a choice, since my SIM from T-Mobile USA is a micro-SIM. And the Lumia 1020 is my only current phone which does not have a nano-SIM. My 1020 has 64 GB of storage, a camera grip, the best camera. This should be easy, right?

Surprisingly, it isn't. I have grown quite fond of the 930. A brilliant display that is noticeably better than the 1020. Living Images, which the 1020 is not going to get. And then I am still on Developer Preview instead of Lumia Cyan.

I am this close to cutting the micro-SIM down to a nano-SIM. Then again, the Lumia 2520 is my only computer that takes a micro-SIM. And a computer that does not require dysfunctional Wifi is worth a lot.

The Nokia CR-201 mystery continues

by Volker Weber


Nokia sent me a new Wireless Charging Car Holder CR-201. Remember, the old CR-200 no longer worked with the Lumia 930. I unpacked the box, and it looked exactly the same. Exactly. The. Same. It even had a CR-200 sticker underneath.

This was clearly a mistake. A CR-200 in a CR-201 box. But before I called, I compared the old CR-200 and the new CR-200 very carefully. And I did find a difference:


There is a small cut-out in the pads that hold the phone. This is how it avoids pushing the camera button. And it appears to be the only difference. I hope that Nokia thought about offering replacement pads for customers which complain their CR-200 no longer fits. And if they haven't, it is clearly a DIY project, as you now know what the pads should look like.

Is this fix satisfactory? I am afraid not. Even with the cutout, it still pushes on one end of the 930 photo button. I will have to scrape off more material.

Unfortunate AP headline

by Volker Weber

IBM - ConnectED 2015 - Kenexa World, Lotusphere

by Volker Weber


In 2015, IBM Connect will transform into an even more in-depth technical event, 'IBM ConnectED' that provides the deep 'nuts and bolts' technical experience that is so important to our long-standing technical community.

That's with a capital ED.

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Lumia 530 announced

by Volker Weber


Lumia 530 is coming this quarter for 99€, in both single and dual SIM versions. Ninety-nine. OK, you need to add storage. But what a nice phone for a low price. 530 or 630? 530 is smaller and the 630 screen is going to look better. 630 is powered by a Snapdragon 400 SoC, which will render graphics faster than the Snapdragon in the 530.

There are now exactly zero reasons to buy a Nokia X.

iOS-Hintertüren: Apple erklärt Systemdienste

by Volker Weber

In einem Support-Dokument geht der iPhone-Hersteller erstmals auf drei der bislang undokumentierten iOS-Systemdienste ein, die unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen den Zugriff auf Nutzerdaten ermöglichen. Der Entdecker der Hintertüren bleibt bei seinen Vorwürfen.

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Probably not

by Volker Weber

Announcing: Microsoft’s Unified Technology Event for Enterprises

by Volker Weber

We're excited to announce the inaugural unified Microsoft commercial technology event the week of May 4, 2015. We'll be back in September with more details. See you in Chicago for this unparalleled event.

This event replaces TechEd, Microsoft Management Summit and the SharePoint, Lync and Exchange conferences.

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