Microsoft Hackathon Project: Reuniting refugees with loved ones

by Volker Weber

Microsoft employees came together across continents, time zones, and cultures to address the refugee crisis through Microsoft cloud intelligence. Learn how their Family Finder mobile app could help refugees locate missing loved ones and offer better technical solutions for humanitarian and relief organizations.

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DTEK50: BlackBerry kündigt zweites Android-Smartphone an

by Volker Weber

DTEK50 kommt mit der gleichen gehärteten Android-Version wie BlackBerry PRIV, löst aber das wichtigste Problem. Während der PRIV für 779 € vorgestellt wurde, soll DTEK50 nur 339 € kosten.

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update

by Volker Weber



Next Tuesday the "Anniversary Update" of Windows 10 is upon us. What does that mean? Nothing.

Windows used to be distributed on physical media. There was a "Release to Manufacturing" date. And a ship date. But today, there is continuous delivery. Features get added, bugs get fixed. You can be on the Windows Insider program and get those changes earlier, you can even be lagging behind the current "release" as an Enterprise that has to be careful to avoid thousands of helpdesk calls.

Windows 10 isn't done. It will never be done. It's under construction, for the foreseeable future. For Windows phone it's not even in a state where it could be rolled out to all devices. On PCs it will be many different experiences, depending on the drivers you need for your hardware.

Windows is work in progress. And it has never been better than now.

Should you upgrade to Windows 10 now, while it is free? I believe you should. Despite all the Microsoft marketing efforts to destroy it.

My Kryptonite

by Volker Weber


Von Texel über Hannover nach Darmstadt. Danke, Bastian!

Tell me your Android patch level

by Volker Weber

ZZ6F9FEE36 ZZ3005462C

I believe in collaboration. So let's put our heads together. I have created a Google form where you can help me gather data about Android security patch levels. The patch levels have a date attached to them. You find it in Settings/About. Also add the brand and model of your device and the Android version. If you know on which day the patch was available, also fill out the last data, which is not mandatory.

Here is the form >

More than 150 results are here >

Green means you have the latest full security patch 5-Jul-2016. Black means you have the smaller, easier patch 1-Jul-2016. Red means: good luck.

Let's raise the bar for Android recommendations

by Volker Weber


Nexus or BlackBerry, these are the only phones with quick monthly Android security patches. Lenovo just started shipping their new flagship Moto Z with the May patch. That's a brand new phone with two months old security level, and apparently they have no plans for shipping monthly patches.

From now on, I will check the security patch level and report it. And then come back within a month when I see or do not see the next patch coming in. Security has to become the number 1 feature given the malware situation on Android right now. Remember the top of the line Yoga Tab 3 Pro? Patch level March 1. Lenovo passed April, May, June and the huge July patch.

Vote with your money and only buy secure devices.

The cultural renaissance of the Art Deco-era’s rolling sculptures

by Volker Weber


This October, a new exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art will display a number of Art Deco-era cars and motorcycles under the title ‘Rolling Sculptures’. We could think of no better person to explain their flourishing status as dynamic pieces of modern art than curator Ken Gross…

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[Thanks, Vesey]

Traveling ultralight

by Volker Weber


4.3 kg (or 9.5 lb) was the weight of my 'luggage' on my New York trip. That includes all the gear, toothbrush, toothpaste, a clean shirt every morning, underwear and the bag itself.

No need to leave anything behind at the bell hop when you check out. No wheels, just a messenger bag thrown over your shoulder.

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Google Arts & Culture

by Volker Weber


What a great app. Download for Android or iOS and explore.

Here we go again

by Volker Weber


Installed the latest update and the Microsoft Crapware is back. You have one week to get the new advertising platform Windows 10 for free. That is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will never come back, I'm sure.

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