Signal :: Private Messaging and Calling

by Volker Weber

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If Vanity Fair starts chatting up Signal as a secure 'Snowden-approved' channel, it may finally see a breakthrough. It's my third messenger next to iMessage and WhatsApp.

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iOS 9.3.5 Zero Days ein “Desaster für Apple”? Im Gegenteil.

by Volker Weber

Nach bisherigen Informationen wurden 3 bisher unbekannte Schwachstellen in iOS entdeckt, die in Kombination nach Klick auf einen Link zu Schadsoftware Zugriff auf das iPhone ermöglichen.

Ist das Grund zur Panik? Nein.

Onkel Frank erklärt Euch das mit der Sicherheit. Und der weiß voll Bescheid.

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How ad platforms learn your real social graph

by Volker Weber

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Facebook has two messengers. Messenger works with your Facebook login and your "friends", WhatsApp with your phone number and your address book. The interesting information is not the directory but the traffic between those people. Whatsapp is so pervasive because you don't need to build your directory. It's already in your address book.


Google, the older ad platform, has had many messengers, but eventually Hangouts persevered. It works with your Google ID. And Google failed to convince you to build your circles in Google+. For Gmail users, they have a directory, but not everybody in there als has a Gmail account. That is why they are creating the chat app Allo and the video app Duo, which should actually be one app (and may be eventually). Allo and Duo work just like WhatsApp. Your phone number is your ID.


Whether you are using Facebook or Google, the choice is yours. Both are ad platforms.

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iPhone/iPad users have a good alternative with iMessage and Facetime. Apple is not an ad platform but a traditional business which takes money from users and does not sell them to others.

Do not hit "Agree" on WhatsApp

by Volker Weber

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I know, we are all trained to just accept any changes in ToCs. But this time, don't. Instead, tap on the "Read more ..." at the bottom of the page. It will take you to another page, and there at the bottom is a switch. Toggle it from 1 to 0. It should not be green before you agree.

Too late, you say? Already hit that Agree button? Follow the steps under Option 2.

That "App Modernization" story

by Volker Weber

I would like to ask you what you need for your Notes/Domino app development. Please work under these assumptions:

That is what I call "maintenance mode".

So, what do you need in terms of development? Be smart. Don't ask for the kitchen sink. Name your top priority, and then maybe two more things.

Sophisticated, persistent mobile attack against high-value targets on iOS

by Volker Weber

From the lookout blog:

Lookout’s analysis determined that the malware exploits three zero-day vulnerabilities, or Trident, in Apple iOS:
  1. CVE-2016-4655: Information leak in Kernel – A kernel base mapping vulnerability that leaks information to the attacker allowing him to calculate the kernel’s location in memory.
  2. CVE-2016-4656: Kernel Memory corruption leads to Jailbreak – 32 and 64 bit iOS kernel-level vulnerabilities that allow the attacker to silently jailbreak the device and install surveillance software.
  3. CVE-2016-4657: Memory Corruption in Webkit – A vulnerability in the Safari WebKit that allows the attacker to compromise the device when the user clicks on a link.

Without a jailbreak you can't install the exploit. That is why Apple regards a jailbreak as a number one security threat. As does BlackBerry on their Android devices.

You can help the attacker by applying a jailbreak (or root access in case of Android). Then they only need the third attack vector. You have already let down your guard.

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What comes after the firetruck?

by Volker Weber

As you get older you lose many capabilities. As much as I'd love to ride a longboard, that has become way too dangerous for my bones.

But you gain something from watching the world around you. It's like a carousel. Firetruck, horse, motorcycle, car, ... and then firetruck, horse, motorcycle, car ... You don't have a time machine, and you still know the future.

About eleven years ago I went to a Groupwise conference. I knew for a fact that Novell was milking its customer base. But here they were, a rather small group of people very enthusiastic about their platform. There was a keynote, there were small features being added to the product. There was a beta of Groupwise 7, etc.

I don't make this carousel go around. I can't stop it. But I do know what comes after the firetruck.

How to not share your WhatsApp account information with Facebook

by Volker Weber

Facebook is an ad platform. Get used to it. It's not a social network. It is an ad platform. Got it?

An ad platform works best if it knows your social graph. Not the hundreds of "friends" but the people you are talking to. Likes and comments. And chats. That is your real social graph. That is what Facebook Messenger does. And WhatsApp now as well.

Did you notice how Facebook pressured you to leave your phone number to make your account "more secure"? It's your ID. And by joining your WhatsApp graph (who do you chat with), your Facebook account becomes more valuable.

If you are an existing user, you can choose not to share your account information with Facebook to improve your Facebook ads and products experiences.

New user? Tough luck.

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Domino 9.0.1 and beyond

by Volker Weber

Ed Brill, commenting on Darren Duke's blog:

To comment on the support point specifically, in the next few weeks we will announce formally that support for 9.0.x will be extended to 2021. It doesn't depend on a version update. And as you note, things originally expected in 9.0.2 are going to come in what are currently called fixpacks. I haven't decided what to call the update with Verse on Premises yet.

Reading between the lines:

Now my interpretation: As I said after Lotusphere 2016, there is no plan for Notes. The plan for Domino is Verse on Premises. It was promised for end of 2015 by the old management team (Schick et al), but never worked on. Now it is being worked on and will ship somewhere in December, even if that month may have 90 days.

Am I clear enough? Not? Let me spell it out for you. No. More. Notes.

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Wohin steuert IBM bei Domino und Notes?

by Volker Weber

Alexander Neumann für Heise Developer:

Viele Domino-Entwickler befürchten schon seit längerem eine unsichere Zukunft für ihr angestammtes Aufgabengebiet. Das kulminiert derzeit in etlichen kritischen Blog-Beiträgen. Vielleicht tritt aber schon nächsten Monat etwas Ruhe ein.

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