Surface 3 (4G LTE) is coming

by Volker Weber


The first Surface 3 (4G LTE) devices went on sale in Japan two weeks ago through Y!Mobile. We’re happy to announce Surface 3 (4G LTE) will become available to business customers through the first partner operators on July 3rd in Germany and the United Kingdom, and later, in France and Spain. These will include Deutsche Telekom in Germany, Orange Business Services in France, as well as O2 in the United Kingdom and Movistar in Spain - both members of the Telefónica Company.

I love this machine. And with LTE it becomes even more versatile.

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Beats 1 stream URLs

by Volker Weber

I managed to retrieve the Beats 1 audio stream links that can be accessed outside of the iOS Music app and iTunes 12.2

Doesn't work on Sonos, since Sonos does not support HLS streaming. Here is something that Sonos now needs to work on if they want to support Apple Music.

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The Ello Bill of Rights

by Volker Weber


To encourage an atmosphere of responsibility and transparency, while creating the most positive social network experience, Ello has created this bill of rights for all social network users.

This is exactly how I want a social network to be.

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Microsoft could write off billions on Nokia deal

by Volker Weber

More 'tough choices' for the company as it tightens strategy and admits Ballmer's mistake. ... The Nokia acquisition was one of the last moves made by former CEO Steve Ballmer, who stepped down in February 2014. The deal, revealed the previous September, has been both acknowledged by analysts as necessary to remain a player in mobile, and criticized for its inability to improve Microsoft's fortunes in the smartphone market. Current CEO Satya Nadella was reported to have opposed the acquisition.

I concur with the author that Microsoft has to adjust the books on the Nokia deal. And I don't think that Satya Nadella needs Windows 10 on phones to execute on his strategy. It's very telling that Microsoft misses the mobile boat on the Windows 10 launch in four weeks.

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Apple Watch Sapphire vs Glass Display Shoot-Out

by Volker Weber

The 74 percent higher Reflectance of the Apple Watch with Sapphire means that its screen will reflect almost twice as much surrounding ambient light as the Apple Watch Sport with Glass. And it takes surprisingly little ambient light for that to make a visible difference…

Bottom line: the cheaper Sport model performs better than the more expensive Watch and Edition.

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Withings imports from Fitbit

by Volker Weber

Have you ever used a fitness tracker from another company? Switch-to-Withings makes it easy to retrieve your entire activity history and import it into our Health Mate app. You will have access to all your data, be awarded success badges and take immediate advantage of custom health insights. Grab your data & Go!

I expect them to offer more imports. Fitbit is just the biggest target to hit. Waiting for UP.

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Apple Music on SONOS :: How soon is ASAP?

by Volker Weber

That's Ian Rogers, former Beats Music CEO and now Apple Music Senior Director. Thomas Meyer, Director Global Artist and Industry Relations at SONOS, announces:

That's pretty much as official as it can get. Beats Music had SONOS integration. I expect this to go into beta well before the end of the year.

Earn your breakfast

by Volker Weber

ZZ193A1244 ZZ48B90BDE.png

Don't break the chain. That means reach your goal every single day, without exception. My current count is 243 days, 4673968 steps, 19234 steps per day. The long shot is 7 million steps within a year, 19178 steps per day. 122 days to go.

I know where I want to be. But how do I get there? I found the answer when the weather got too hot to walk at noon. Start early. As easy as that. "The early bird catches the worm" works in German, almost translated verbally: "Früher Vogel fängt den Wurm". I start the day with a 90 minutes brisk walk. That's three bars, 30 minutes each on the Excercise chart to the right. Apple Watch counted 53 of those as exercise. You need 30, that's why the chart on the left shows more than one turn on the green circle. Without this walk it becomes hard to get to the 30 minutes a day.

If you have between 5 and 8 kilometers to get to work, this morning walk would be enough. The rest of my daily calorie burn will accumulate over the rest of the day. Of course you don't get to 19234 steps with a 90 minutes walk. You need a second one. Or two shorter ones at noon and in the evening. But the important one is the morning exercise. This puts you in front.

If you look at the blue chart, you will see 4/12 of the circle. That's four hours: 5, 6, 7, 8. You get the 5 by getting up before 6, if only by two minutes. No snooze. And yes, that's a Sunday. But don't worry. Since I earned my breakfast I get to nap at noon.

ZZ77BD6121 ZZ5AE08C16

If you look at the achievements, don't mind the first 5 and the 9th. They are easy. The 6th achievement is reaching your calorie burn goal twice in a day. That is very hard. The 7th and 8th achievement probably mean that you cheated by setting the goal way too low. The two bottom rows are interesting. The first four stand for perfect week, 7 days stand up, 7 days calorie burn, and 7 days exercise. It says New Award since I just re-earned them. The last two ones are full month of calorie burn goal and longest move streak. I get the last one every single day (don't break the chain) and I am working on the full month. June will be my first full month having the Apple Watch and I intend to also reach my goals tomorrow and the day after.

Don't break the chain. Start early.

Say Ello

by Volker Weber


And yes, there is an app. iPhone & iPad now. Android and Windows in development.

You need reasons? Thomas Hawk gives you reasons.

COBO - you are going to hear this

by Volker Weber


You may think that BlackBerry is toast. After all, sales of BlackBerry 10 devices are in decline. But not so fast. There are companies out there who push back on BYOD, and especially Android. I have one example, which still has some company owned iPads around. And with some I mean hundreds and thousands. But as far as company issued smartphones are concerned, it's going to be BlackBerry, in full lockdown. No Facebook nonsense, no BlackBerry Balance.

Sounds backwards? Well, once you control the device and can trust it, it opens up new opportunities, for instance encrypted messaging with trusted partners. Messaging with people you know are real and not just some handle. Getting out of the BYOD space also allows you to manage and trust all devices, PCs, tablets, smartphones and allow something like BlackBerry Blend without opening up security holes.

Interesting tidbit: Passport, Classic or Leap? Most BlackBerry users pick the Classic, if they can. Even over a company issued iPhone in full lockdown. Yes, they are different. They wear three piece suits to work.

COBO - Company Owned, Business Only. It's not dead. It's just a secure way of life.

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