Showstopper bug in New Outlook with

Microsoft is pushing the New Outlook app to Windows 11. It is replacing the old Mail & Calendar apps. However, I am unable to use this app with my account. And so do many others.

I have narrowed down the problem to a simple root cause: if you have set your personal mail address as your primary alias, you cannot add your account to New Outlook. If fails with both your personal email address and your address.

Only if you set your address as your primary alias, you will be able to add the account, but after that you cannot send mail from your personal email alias. Catch 22. Be extra careful when you do change your primany alias. You can only do that twice a week.

This bug is only in New Outlook and it only affects accounts. You can use Gmail accounts just fine. And you can use your personal email as primary alias in all other Microsoft apps, including Outlook on iOS and Outlook on Android, and the PWA.

I think it is quite hilarious that Microsoft only fails with the combination Windows + Outlook + Let’s have a good laugh and then fix it.

New Macs – Shot on iPhone

This was the biggest Apple flex ever. They shot the whole polished presentation on iPhone. What else is new?

  • New M3 chipsets in three sizes: M3, M3 Pro, M3 Max
  • Built with the same 3-nanometer process as iPhone 15
  • Industry-leading performance per Watt
  • Same 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pros and 24″ iMacs
  • 13″ MacBook Pro is finally gone
  • New color option: “Space Black”

Apple is addressing customers who are not buying M1/M2 Macs because their GPU performance was too low. and those still on Intel Macs.

Apple is the only company which has bought up all 3-nanometer capacity and they want to run “scary fast”. M3 and M3 Pro ship now, M3 Max later in November. M3 Ultra (two M3 Max combined) is not announced. Apple will be squeezing out as many machines as they can and can shift iPhone capacity there.

This MacBook Pro is for people who “need” the latest and greatest. Space Black is for that crowd.

M3 raises the performance for graphics-intense workloads. And its hardware-supported codecs for video playback lead to even greater battery performance. If you can spare this much money for watching Netflix.

If you are in the market for Mac Pro or Mac Studio, hold your horses until next year.

Use your iPad as an external HDMI monitor

iPad Pro 11″ as an external HDMI monitor

When I travel, I frequently have the need for a second monitor. My work laptop (not pictured) is running on Windows 11. Therefore I cannot make use of Apple’s Sidecar feature.

I used to have an external monitor that connects via USB C & HDMI to my laptop similar to this one. Unfortunately, I cracked the screen. I was about to order a replacement, when I came across an application called Capture Pro which was rebranded to Genki Studio recently. Genki Studio can display USB Video Device Class (UVC) input on your iPad and labels itself as a “UVC Viewer” in the App Store.

This is not the first post by Abdelkader Boui. He works as Principal Sales Engineer at BlackBerry. This job title does not do the breadth and width of his knowledge any justice. Messaging, mobile device management, policies, zero trust, he knows it all.

If I break things and can’t put them back together I ask Abdelkader.

Volker Weber

With iPadOS 17.x Apple introduced the support for USB Video Device Class. Support for UVC allows you to connect external USB video devices, e.g. webcams and USB capture cards, to your iPad and iPhone. This allows you to make use of external webcams and use them in apps like FaceTime. Another use case is to turn your iPad into an HDMI monitor. There are USB dongles like the Elgato Cam Link 4K that can turn “HDMI input” into “USB output” – in our case UVC. Which in turn can then be displayed in the Genki Studio app. Using the Genki Studio app and the Elgato Cam Link 4K I can now turn my iPad Pro 11″ into an external HDMI monitor.

I have used this setup with both Windows and macOS. It also works with other devices that have an HDMI output. I have been using this setup for the past few weeks with no issues.

Connect the Elgato Cam Link 4K to your iPad using USB C

All you need to connect the laptop to the Elgato Cam Link 4K is an HDMI cable. As the Cam Link is an USB A device, you will need an USB A to C adapter to connect it to the iPad. I usually use this USB A to C adapter from Apple. To keep the iPad powered, I am using the USB C port on the left side of the Apple Magic Keyboard. If you don’t have the Magic Keyboard, you could use any USB C port replicator with at least one USB A port and one USB C port for power in, e.g. Apple’s USB C multiport adapter, to keep the Elgato dongle connected and the iPad powered. With 109,- Euro the Elgato Cam Link 4K is rather expensive. If you want to go the cheap route, you can get cheap clones for 6 Euro from Amazon. For this use case they work the same as the Elgato Cam Link 4K.

There is also another app in Apple’s App Store that can turn your iPad into an external HDMI screen: HDMI Monitor – Orion. I have briefly tested that app and the basic features seem to be almost identical to the ones from Genki Studio.

Copilot in Windows 11 nutzen

Microsoft sagt, ich muss nur Windows-C drücken, um Copilot zu nutzen. Das funktioniert aber nicht, weil es in der EU anscheinend noch nicht aktiviert ist.

Aber es ist nicht schwierig, das selbst nachzurüsten. Voraussetzung: Windows 11 22H2 mit aktuellem Update. Dann einfach einen Shortcut anlegen mit diesem Inhalt:


Shortcut irgendwo hinlegen und fertig ist der Copilot.

Android 13 for Lenovo Tab P12 Pro

Recently I ranted about software updates for Lenovo Android gear. Maybe I should have done that earlier, because the Tab P12 Pro has received an upgrade to Android 13. That is good enough for me. There are usually 4 security updates per year, so it’s currently on the August patch level, but I expect another one before the year is out. Google will update its suite independent from Lenovo.