Thinkpad 25 Anniversary Edition

by Volker Weber


Winfuture has leaked images and specs of a 25 years anniversary edition Thinkpad. It looks to be based on the current T470 model. Look at all the ports! Fullsize Ethernet!


I am a very early ThinkPad user. I actually have one that is already 24 years old. Will need to post some photos. It looks like this.

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Update-Zyklus: iOS 11 hängt Android 7 und 8 ab

by Volker Weber


Zwei Tage nach der Freigabe von iOS 11 hat das neue Betriebssystem prozentual mehr Endgeräte erreicht als die neuesten Android-Versionen 7 und 8 in einem ganzen Jahr.

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Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + LTE

by Volker Weber


Ich habe sehr viele widersprüchliche Reviews zur Apple Watch 3 gelesen. Dabei blieb mir genug Zeit, diese Informationen zu ordnen und ich will gerne weitergeben, was ich gelernt habe.

watchOS 4 ist einfach besser

by Volker Weber

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Eine bessere Auswertung der Herzfrequenzmessung oder ein schnellerer Zugriff auf die Musiksteuerung, hier Spotify mit Sonos. watchOS 4 ist an vielen Stellen verbessert, ohne dass auch die ersten Apple Watch ausgebremst werden. So entwickelt man ein Produkt sauber weiter.

Apple beweist bei der Watch eine ruhige Hand.

After the iOS 11 Upgrade :: Choose your file formats

by Volker Weber


iOS 11 uses new container formats for photos and videos. For the time being I prefer the old more ubiquitous formats, although they are larger. Set in Settings/Camera/Formats.

Samsung finally starts addressing their Clippy-problem

by Volker Weber


Bixby is Samsung's Clippy. An annoying assistant nobody really wants, besides Samsung of course. If you bought a recent Galaxy S8 or Note 8, it comes with an extra button that summons Bixby. It was the single most annoying feature when I tested the Galaxy S8.

You can finally disable the single press on this button. Holding the button will still open Bixby Voice. Imagine you could assign this button to something useful. Like Google Assistant for instance.

Neu auf Heise Online: init - der Wochenausblick

by Volker Weber


Ich habe etwas neues auf Heise Online begonnen. Montags erscheint jetzt regelmäßig ein Ausblick auf die Woche. Das muss sich erst noch ein bisschen einüben. Gerne nehme ich Tipps für zukünftige Folgen entgegen. Das sind die beiden ersten:

init - der Wochenausblick: Deutschland wählt und der IT-Herbst beginnt
heise online, 18.09.2017

init - der Wochenausblick: Zwischen iPhones und Elektroautos
heise online, 11.09.2017

Can you see where this is going?

by Volker Weber


I used to say that before you marry a girl, throw her in the pool. Only if she comes out laughing trying to throw you in, you found the right one. I no longer say that, because everybody is carrying a smart phone, all of the time. Chances are, you are going to not only ruin a perfectly good phone.

Do you think this will go on forever? I find myself leaving the phone behind more often. But when I do that, I am completely off the grid. The Apple Watch has given me an opportunity to catch important notifications and even answer a phone call. But I have to be close to the phone. This will change.

Everybody is reporting that the red dot model, the one with LTE, lets you make phone calls without your phone. That's only for emergencies though, since the LTE connection eats into the battery. Even a fully charged watch will not survive a single conference call. But the Series 3 watch adds more, for instance a faster CPU. Siri can now talk back to you. Add your AirPods, your Apple Music streaming, and that NFC connection to leading gym equipment, and you will go to the gym without your phone.

If your draw a line from where the Apple Watch started, to the Watch Series 2 which added GPS, and the Series 3 that adds LTE, I can see where this is going. When (if?) Siri gets smarter, as LTE gets replaced with less power hungry 5G, we might be wearing our morst important connection to the digital world on our wrists and not grasping it with our hands always afraid to drop it. We still need a large display, we still want a camera. Just maybe not all of the time.

And, isn't this pretty? Everybody I know who has a Nike Sports Band loves it.

And what about the iPhone 8 Plus?

by Volker Weber

iPhone8Plus iPhone8 water

I am an iPhone Plus user. I like the large display and the dual camera. I can tolerate the huge size, since it also has a larger battery than the smaller model. I find the regular iPhone easier to handle, but it has neither of these features. If you have an iPhone 6S Plus or a 7 Plus, there is no immediate need to upgrade to an 8 Plus, but there are some interesting differences to look at.

The size is almost identical, the buttons are in the same place, the existing cases should work. Almost means that the iPhone 8 is a fifth of a millimeter larger in all three dimensions, and the weight goes up from 188 to 202 grams. The glass back enables wireless charging with Qi chargers. This works with all existing Qi chargers and also works when the iPhone is inside a (non metallic) case. There are no black options anymore, you only get silver, gold and space grey. The space grey one has a black front, the other two are white. I have a strong preference for the silver/white body, just like I do with the iPhone X.

The most interesting difference to me is the new camera. It's still 12 MP, but the sensor is larger, and the new A11 Bionic chip has new capabilities. You can now record 4k with 24, 30 or 60 fps, where the iPhone 7 Plus only had 30 fps. Slow motion videos can now be recorded in 1080p with 120 or 240 fps, where the 7 Plus had to reduce to 720p for 240 fps, which isn't good enough. I only ever used 1080p/120fps.

When shooting photos, the 8 Plus has two new tricks. It can now use slow sync flash, which means it keeps the shutter open longer and uses a strobe light for a more even illumination. With a quick flash you can't capture as much of the background as you can do with a slow sync. Finally, to complement Portrait Mode, Apple releases Portrait Lighting in beta for the 8 Plus. Both modes are only available in the dual camera models.

iPhone 8 Plus adds a True Tone Display like the iPad Pros have. It adjust white balance to the ambient light. If you put an iPhone 7 next to an iPad Pro you can see a big difference under artificial light. While the iPad Pro looks normal, the iPhone display is blue-ish. With the iPhone 8 Plus Apple now also supports Dolby Vision and HDR10. That means much more colorful videos, that you would probably be enjoying more on larger displays.

Finally, the 6-core A11 Bionic chip is as fast as a current MacBook Pro. We don't know yet what we can do with that much power. All we know today is that this new iPhone generation leaves everything else in the dust. There is no competing product with this level or performance.

Nigel Stanford :: Automatica

by Volker Weber

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