Week 7/2017 #dontbreakthechain

by Volker Weber


Frau Brandlinger approves. And the people below. Seven weeks is a actually a big deal. If you include the first of January, we are 50 days into the year. That is halfway to your 100 days badge.

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Watson Workspace is coming together :: Just in time for Connect 2017

by Volker Weber

Watson Workspace

When Watson Workspace opened its preview right at Watson World last year, I was underwhelmed, to say the least. And so were other people. You looked, you saw, you went. It was revealed way too early. Progress over the last months was slow, or so it seemed. Until yesterday.

The team was hard at work and it revealed a lot of functions yesterday. Things like alerts for mentions, direct messages, a better way to discover Moments. The list goes on. While it was barely usable when it was first released, it now has become useful. Do give it another try.

If you compare Watson Workspace to Slack or HipChat, you will find it severly lacking, as far as features and functions are concerned. But it is pretty, and it is smart. With Moments Watson tries to surface what is important to you, if you haven't been looking at the chat for a while. This is nowhere near perfect, but it will learn.

The web interface has been updated, a new iOS app is out, the new Android app is coming over the weekend.

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Chromebooks in business

by Volker Weber

HP Chromebook13 G1

Photo HP

There is an interesting development in education, where schools start to rely on Chromebooks for their students. The biggest advantage is that these devices are easily replaceable. Grab any Chromebook, log in with your Google credentials and you are ready to go. There is no admin overhead for machines. You still need to work on your directory and your apps, but the machines itself don't carry anything but a cache.

You can have many Google IDs. A business ID, a private ID, a travel ID, and they can all log into the same machine, while keeping things separate. And you can wipe previously used IDs from the machine. This is an opportunity to keep data safe from border searches. Wipe all IDs from the machine and log into your travel ID. Once you crossed the border, log into your business ID.

Of course there is a bigger question here: whom do you trust? If you trust your business to Google, then this seems like a good idea. Even if you don't trust Google with your data, it still works for you, if you keep that data in your own shop and make it accessible through the web. Google has pretty strong authentication going, including two factor auth with hardware tokens.

DTEK50 and PRIV are updating

by Volker Weber


I have been checking for updates every single day since the update cycle started. The first updates were for PRIV but I did not get them. Today I received the very same update that shipped 12 days ago:

It is pretty clear that the PRIV update to my phone has simply been delayed. Exactly the same version. The DTEK50 has a much higher build number which at least hints at a later release date.

On the upside: BlackBerry delivers its monthly Android updates for all devices. It can still improve on the timely delivery. But that is a lot more than most other OEMs do.

Please report your BlackBerry Android security updates here >

Signal adds video calling

by Volker Weber


Enable in Advanced Settings. Callkit support means you can answer calls from the lock screen. Enable/disable as you like.

But by all means, start using Signal for safe communications. I am now at 144 contacts in Signal, more than half of WhatsApp contacts. We are getting there.

IBMconnect Slack Team Space is off to a good start

by Volker Weber


Team already has 100+ members with one week before the conference kicks into high gear. IBMers with US, UK or DE addresses can dive right in by going to the signup page. I am also adding more domains if you need to invite more than a couple of people. Just tell me what you need. So far these domains are pre-approved:

@ibm.com, @panagenda.com, @de.ibm.com, @us.ibm.com, @socialconnections.info, @timetoact.de, @uk.ibm.com, @we4it.com, @bcc.biz, @edcom.de, @br.ibm.com, @teamtechnology.de, @appfusions.com, or @ie.ibm.com

All others need an invitation. Every team member can invite you. That includes me.

Stream what you hear to your Sonos

by Volker Weber


Stream What You Hear (SWYH) is a Windows application to broadcast the sound of your computer (ie: 'what you hear') on an UPnP/DLNA device such as TVs, amps, network receivers, game consoles, etc...

And that includes Sonos players.

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TimeToAct wins Beacon Award

by Volker Weber

That's a biggie for an IBM Partner. Congratulations!

BlackBerry releases new app for Hub Services+

by Volker Weber


Notable is a content creation and sharing app that allows you to quickly capture content on your device screen, mark it up with text or free-form drawing tools, and quickly share it to your friends. The screen capture is triggered from the device convenience key, assigning as a swipe gesture shortcut, or by tapping the dedicated screen capture notification in the notification tray. From there the user can mark up the content they captured quickly in the app – they can draw on it freely, add text, or even add stickers to the Notable to help call attention to something specific, or express themselves. Once the Notable has been created, the user can quickly share it to their friends via the Android share framework.

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Apple Music with exclusive video content

by Volker Weber

With Spotify firmly in the lead, Apple is trying some exclusive content to get customers to subscribe to their offering. I am not convinced that taking James Corden out of the car will work. And this show?

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