Some hidden gems in iOS

You may have seen this years ago, but many have not. The Calculator app has two calculators: the standard calculator that you have used all the time, plus a scientific calculator which you get by turning the phone sideways, like you would do with a landscape photo.

What I just learned yesterday is that you have two stopwatches. It’s very difficult to watch progress on the digital stopwatch, but when you swipe to the left you get a beautiful analog stopwatch (with a digital inset).

Can you teach me more of those tricks with built-in apps? Not looking for apps to install but useful features that are not obvious.

Don’t use in-app browsers

To fight Apple’s privacy protection Facebook, Instagram et al have found a way to track everything you do, by drawing you into their in-app browser and then injecting a surveillance Javascript. If you want to see what they actually do, just forward a link to within the app and click it.

Introducing, a simple tool to list the JavaScript commands executed by the iOS app rendering the page.

With Android, don’t even bother.