Nützliches iOS-Feature

Es gibt in jeder neuen iOS-Version so viel neues zu entdecken, dass ich das gar nicht auf einmal verdauen kann. Das ist mir gerade erst aufgefallen: Wenn man den Back-Button hält, kann man sehen, wo man sich gerade in einer Hierarchie von Panels befindet und kann direkt auf die Ebene springen, auf die man will.

3 thoughts on “Nützliches iOS-Feature”

  1. I am still getting used to the “new” features available on iOS since I upgraded to the iPhone 14 and Watch 8 about 6 weeks ago. It took me a little while to work out how to do stuff that I did regularly just a couple of days previously as some of my regular Apps have changed considerably in the intervening time.

    One thing that I found on Friday night was a warning about my walking. I think it was part of the Medical monitoring that goes on and I was warned that I was unsteady and people who are unsteady may fall and to try and walk more as mitigation. At this point I have to admit that I had been drinking (not to excess) but the Bar I frequent here in Ghana does not have an even surface to walk on and crossing it in the dark to get back to the car (I was not driving) is a challenge. To be honest it is a challenge even in daylight before you start drinking. My colleagues and I have often discussed how uneven the surface is. However I am still completely blown away about how the phone / watch detects this. I had not read anything about this before so I do not know if it is well known feature or not. Very handy though for us getting up there in age.

    Sorry about the length of the comment, probably everyone is aware of this but it really impressed me.

    1. One thing I missed out – I upgraded from an iPhone 6 and Apple Watch 1 so it was quite a leap..

  2. As long as my wife doesn’t get a warning about unsteady walking, I am fine with that. Have to check my family settings 😉

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