Surface Laptop SE kommt nach Deutschland

Es gibt zwei Kunden*, die immer möglichst klein und billig kaufen. Das sind einerseits Enterprise-Kunden, die für ihre Mitarbeiter stets das billigste iPhone kaufen, was es gibt. Und andererseits Schulen, die einfach nie genug Geld haben. An die wendet sich das Surface Laptop SE, das es ab 299 Euro gibt. Da sind dann 4GB RAM drin und 64 GB Storage. Der Bildschirm ist klein und hat nicht mal Full HD, Windows kommt als S-Version daher. Ich finde das Gerät sehr chic und es ist auch auf gute Reparierbarkeit getrimmt.

Das Fact Sheet ist vom November 2021 und die Laptops sind ein Jahr alt, wenn sie im Dezember in den Verkauf kommen.

* Gemeinsames Merkmal: Die Käufer sind nicht die späteren Nutzer.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro & Basic

Announcement from Microsoft:

Meet Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro. Teams Rooms Pro is a new offer that brings together the value of our existing Teams Rooms features, new innovations, and the Teams Rooms managed service platform—all in one license. Teams Rooms Pro simplifies the purchasing process for our customers and delivers the collective benefits of our advancements in both hybrid meeting experiences and device management.

Teams Rooms Pro will deliver the latest hybrid meeting experiences with a focus on inclusivity, ease of use, flexibility, security, and management. Let’s look at some of the features available or coming soon to Teams Rooms Pro. … More >

Teams Rooms Pro is available now at USD40 per user/month

It’s a lot cheaper for small customers:

Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic makes it easier for small businesses to create hybrid meeting experiences. Teams Rooms Basic provides foundational Teams meeting experiences like scheduling, joining meetings, and wireless content sharing. For customers needing core management and hybrid meeting features, we recommend Teams Rooms Pro.

Teams Rooms Basic is included with the purchase of any certified Teams Rooms device at no additional cost purchased on or after September 1, 2022. Customers can apply up to 25 Basic licenses to their tenant.

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Microsoft Teams native on Apple silicon

Microsoft says:

We are rolling out a production grade universal binary version of Teams, which means it will run natively on the entire Mac lineup, including those with Apple silicon. For Mac users, this means a significant boost in performance, ensuring efficient use of device resources and an optimized Teams experience even when using multiple high-resolution monitors during calls or meetings.

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I rebooted a lot of my networking gear today and that included my Internet router which had been connected for four months straight. While I was waiting for the connection to return, Edge offered me to play a game. I had never seen this before, so I hit the button, and there it was, a game inside the Edge browser. What an easter egg.

Surface Laptop Go 2

Surface Laptop Go war für mich immer ein No-Go. Zu klein, zu langsam, einfach von allem zu wenig. Nun legt Microsoft eine neue Version auf, die anscheinend mehr kann. i5-1135G7 Prozessor, 12.4″ Bildschirm im 3:2 Format, Multipoint Touch, die SSD is austauschbar, für Windows Hello gibt es einen Touch Sensor.

Die kleine Konfiguration können wir als Lockvogel abbuchen. Sowas wird normalerweise nur Enterprise-Kunden angeboten, die sparen wollen, koste es was es wolle. Als Betriebssystem ist Windows Home drauf.

Traditionell sind die Enterprise-Versionen teurer. Dafür gibt es dann Windows 11 Professional.

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Microsoft to add free VPN to Edge

Encrypts your connection: Encrypts your internet connection to help protect your data from online threats like hackers.

When using Microsoft Edge Secure network, your data is routed from Edge through an encrypted tunnel to create a secure connection, even when using a non-secure URL that starts with HTTP. This makes it harder for hackers to access your browsing data on a shared public Wi-Fi network.

Helps prevent online tracking: By encrypting your web traffic directly from Microsoft Edge, we help prevent your internet service provider from collecting your browsing data like details about which websites you visit.

Keeps your location private: Online entities can use your location and IP address for profiling and sending you targeted ads. Microsoft Edge Secure Network lets you browse with a virtual IP address that masks your IP and replaces your geolocation with a similar regional address to make it more difficult for online trackers to follow you as you browse.

Microsoft support document

This sounds too good to be true. The service is provided by Cloudflare. And there is a catch:

Is free to use: Get 1 gigabyte of free data every month when you sign into Microsoft Edge with your Microsoft Account.  See below instructions to turn on your Microsoft Edge Secure Network.

I burn through a few gigabyte every day. We will see. Maybe they will provide more with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft disrupting cyberattacks targeting Ukraine

Today, we’re sharing more about cyberattacks we’ve seen from a Russian nation-state actor targeting Ukraine and steps we’ve taken to disrupt it.

We recently observed attacks targeting Ukrainian entities from Strontium, a Russian GRU-connected actor we have tracked for years. This week, we were able to disrupt some of Strontium’s attacks on targets in Ukraine. On Wednesday April 6th, we obtained a court order authorizing us to take control of seven internet domains Strontium was using to conduct these attacks. We have since re-directed these domains to a sinkhole controlled by Microsoft, enabling us to mitigate Strontium’s current use of these domains and enable victim notifications.

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Microsoft Journal graduates from Garage

Microsoft Journal is an app for Windows that invites people who love to journal to pick up their digital pen, express themselves quickly, and evolve their ideas.

Of all the different methods of device interaction, digital ink is unique in the speed and degree of natural expression and in aiding memory. With Journal, disparate ideas can be connected, drawings can be sketched, annotations can be freely inserted, information can be located with search, and you can easily connect your ink across other apps to grow your best ideas.

Journal provides an ink-first solution that delivers new AI, intuitive gestures, and connected experiences for Microsoft 365 for work and school (subscription required, sold separately). It’s designed for people who thrive when writing out their ideas, notes, and sketches.

It works quite well. Simple and intuitive. However, it only works with Azure ID, not with Microsoft ID. That means all your data stays on one machine and that makes it unusable for me.

Available for Windows 10 and 11 >