Sometimes the escalator wins

by Volker Weber


This is why evolution works... except that the escalator didn't finish the job and eat him!

Ray Bilyk, 2008-06-27 05:10

My grand uncle build these things and always warned of them. They are extremely dangerous because the go and go and if there's a finger n the way or here maybe a leg kind of betwenn they just break it or pull it out ...

Martin Hiegl, 2008-06-27 08:24

I guess a "Don't try this at home" warning wouldn't help here... it may simply be taken literally. :-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2008-06-27 14:27

The stairs might be dangerous, the hand rail isn't. You can usually force them to "stop" manually. Just grab them and hold tight.

It could be quite funny to watch the surprised faces of the passengers when their hands suddenly moves "backwards" because the hand rail stops while they are still moving forward.

Lucius Bobikiewicz, 2008-06-27 18:54

Man, there's not a year goes by, not one year, that I don't here about some escalator accident involving some bastard kid that could have easily been avoided if some parent, I don't care which one, but some parent conditioned him to fear and respect that escalator!

Chris Toohey, 2008-06-27 22:19

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