Michael Sampson on the Lotus Roadmap

by Volker Weber

Michael Sampson is an independent analyst living literally on the other end of the world, in New Zealand. His car has twelve seats, and there is only one empty when he has loaded his wife and his kids. In short: he is an amazing guy.

Now he has written a 16 page analysis of the Lotus roadmap that he wants to sell you. Michael isn't new to this business. He has been working in the collaboration space for quite a few years, and he has published two books on Microsoft Sharepoint. He takes on the five myths about Lotus Notes:

- Lotus Notes is 20 Years Old, So Get Rid of It
- IBM is Not Committed to Lotus Notes
- IBM Lacks a Roadmap for Lotus Notes
- SharePoint Will "Solve All Your Problems"
- Notes Sucks, and It's All IBM's Fault

Michael let me have a free copy of his analysis and I did not find anything surprising. But he does make it pretty clear how to deal with these myths. And that is a situation many Lotus customers find themselves in. If you don't want to buy the full report, read his summary.

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Thanks Volker ... I appreciate your blog post above. In the time since you first blogged this, I have released an Individual License for the report, in addition to the group license. A number of people asked for this.

My best,

Michael Sampson, 2010-01-13 22:12

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