Suspension of the BlackBerry Certification Program

by Volker Weber

Dear BlackBerry Alliance Partner:

RIM has decided to suspend indefinitely its BlackBerry Certification Program.  A broad range of online and instructor-led training offerings remain available to help our customers use BlackBerry products (see  RIM will continue to work with customers and partners to develop the most valuable learning and support services. Effective immediately partners will no longer be required to complete their Service Competency obligations under Section 2.3 of the Alliance Program Guide. Until September 9, 2011 you may contact us at with any questions you may have.


BlackBerry Alliance Team


Sounds like, "We're not dead yet, but I wouldn't bother blocking out any time for BlackBerry World next May."

Ben Langhinrichs, 2011-08-10 22:10

They commit suicide becaus thye fear death. Strange.

Sven Richert, 2011-08-10 22:25

I read:

The certification department does not drive revenue so is being cut. Just a simple change to our requirements list allows us to get rid of X number of staff.

BP's won't mind because its much easier to become a partner. And next year we can say our partner base has increased as the flood gates are now open.

Paul Mooney, 2011-08-10 23:55

Skills are overrated.

Volker Weber, 2011-08-11 00:07

Volker you forgot the <sarcasm>: tags.

Stephan H. Wissel, 2011-09-12 04:20

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