Voyager Pro and Legend

by Volker Weber

The Voyager Pro has found its master: the Voyager Legend. I find it superior, in all but one aspect. Both headsets share a similar design. While the Legend is supposed to be smaller, I really can't see that this is the case.

The most obvious changes are that the microphone boom is thinner, and the switches on the back have gone from push buttons to sliders. I like both changes, especially the sliders. It's much easier to operate behind the ear. I have always struggled a bit with the volume buttons. The other important changes are on the boom. The call button is no longer on the side of the boom. It moved to the back of the boom where it is better protected against accidental touches. And there is a new mute button under the boom. This lets you mute the microphone during a call or pause/play music playback.

Source: Plantronics

This button also serves as a trigger for voice commands. The Legend knows quite a few such commands: "Am I connected?" "Answer" "Call information" "Call Vocalyst" "Cancel" "Check battery" "Ignore" "Pair mode" "Redial" "What can I say". And there are voice prompts that are whispered in your ear: "Power on/off" "Answering call" "Talk-time (x) hours""Battery low" "Recharge headset" "Lost connection" "Phone 1 connected/Phone 2 connected" "Pairing" "Pairing incomplete, restart headset" "Mute on/off""Volume maximum/minimum" "Voice recognition on/off" "Redialing last outgoing call". There you have it, a headset that talks to you instead of blinking LEDs. It does not have to speak English. The available languages are Cantonese, English U.K., French, German, Mandarin and Spanish. Way over my head.

What am I not liking? Instead of a MicroUSB port, the headset now sports dock contacts. That means you have to carry a special cable with a USB plug at the other end. The headset comes with USB chargers for your car and a wall outlet, but you probably have plenty of those. I left them in the box. Come to think of it, the accessories included already amount to half of the price for the whole set.

You may want to have the Voyager Legend Case, which not only stores the headset but also charges it from a secondary battery. Twice actually. And that does seem to have a MicroUSB port. The case will be bundled with the UC variant of the Legend. It will also include a prepaired Bluetooth plug which hels using the headset with a phone and your PC at the same time.

Why would you get a Voyager instead of an M55 which is considerably cheaper and lighter (6g vs 16g)? For me the most important difference is the Voyager's sensor, which tells the headset whether it's on your ear or not. Putting it on will accept a call or transfer a call from the phone to the headset, taking it off will transfer back. It also controls music playback. The headset will pause when you take it off. And finally, no more butt dialing. If you take the M55 off your ear and stash it in your pocket, you do have to switch it off. Not so with the Voyager which will disable the call button while it's not on your ear. The M55 is perfect to be left behind in your car for casual use. The Voyager is the headset for the person who actually uses it a lot.


Ich warte schon gespannt auf den Tag, an dem ich es bestellen kann.
Dein erster Artikel hatte mich darauf schon aufmerksam gemacht.

Weiter so.

Andreas Köllen, 2012-09-25 20:13

Ich hab's heute sieben Stunden auf dem Ohr gehabt. Keine Druckstelle, nichts. Irgendwie fehlt mir was, aber jetzt muss es laden. :-)

Volker Weber, 2012-09-25 20:14

Cool. Also perfekt!
Ich freu mich schon auf meinen ersten Tag mit dem neuen Legend.
Aber ich kann es noch nicht mal vorbestellen ... Noch nicht mal bei Amazon
*sehr traurig sein*.

Andreas Köllen, 2012-09-25 22:16

Immer mit der Ruhe. Ich krieg immer eins aus dem ersten Karton. Das geht schneller als den Kanal zu füllen.

Volker Weber, 2012-09-25 22:19

Wenn's so eilig ist einfach bei in den USA bestellen - 100$ + shipping + EUSt dürfte auf etwa 100EUR kommen.

Max Nierbauer, 2012-09-26 00:32

Very nice. Looks like they considered usability carefully for most of the redesign. I share your concern about the switch from micro USB to a proprietary charging interface. I always have a micro USB charger available, but now I'll have to remember to bring and connect the correct proprietary cable when I travel.

Rupert Clayton, 2012-09-26 01:02

in einem anderen Review las ich, daß das Headset sehr empfindlich gegenüber Wind ist, d.h. Windgeräusche werden nicht unterdrückt, sonder mit übertragen was sehr störend ist. Ich glaube gelesen hab ich das bei

Ist da was dran?


Karl Heindel, 2012-09-29 10:14

Dazu habe keine Erfahrungswerte, halte es aber für wahrscheinlich. Die Mikrofone sind sehr exponiert und haben keinen "Puschel". Wenn es darauf besonders ankommt, würde ich eher zum M55 neigen. Das habe ich schon erfolgreich auf dem Fahrrad benutzt.

Volker Weber, 2012-09-29 10:25

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