Outlook.com can now import all your Gmail data

by Volker Weber

I like Outlook.com. It has a far better UI than Gmail, it lets you use your own mail address, even on mobile devices. It supports Exchange ActiveSync, so it works with all mobile devices. Now it gets a migration assistant that picks up all your Gmail data and drops it into your Outlook.com account:

Today, we are announcing a new service that makes it easier than ever to import your Gmail account to Outlook.com. This will be rolling out to everyone over the coming weeks, so if you don't have access to it yet, check back soon.

Since Outlook.com has started providing IMAP access, you can even access it from your desktop. If Microsoft would go all the way and also provide CalDAV and CardDAV, then I could switch. I do not want to use Outlook, the client.

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But Apple Mail/Adress book/iCal can also use Exchange Activesync for contacts and calendar. So this would work as well on the mac.

Christian Just, 2013-12-11 18:33

Yes, CardDAV und CalDAV would be awesome.
I'm not going to achieve my 2013 goal to get rid of GMail :-(

Sascha Westphal, 2013-12-11 20:58

No, Apple Mail/Address book/iCal just can use Exchange Web Services (EWS), not Exchange Active Sync (EAS). So you can use it with an Exchange server, but not with outlook.com.

Manfred Wiktorin, 2013-12-12 02:17

I always hated Hotmail...until Google took the exchange support away from Gmail and MS added it to hotmail aka outlook.com. now my gmail account is slowly diying.

Johannes Matzke, 2013-12-12 20:35

Mine is dead and buried - missing nothing.

Hubert Stettner, 2013-12-13 19:53

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