Other vendor's pitches for collaboration

by Volker Weber

Other vendor's pitches for collaboration software:

Intraspect's web-based workspaces enable employees, customers, suppliers, and partners to work together to bring products and services to market faster, improve employee productivity, and enrich customer relationships.

NextPage's peer-to-peer Business Networking simplifies cross-enterprise business by connecting information and people across organizational boundaries. With NextPage products, employees, partners and customers can access distributed content, leverage business processes, and collaborate with peers. Distributed enterprises such as ABN AMRO bank, KPMG, Chubb Insurance and Lexis Publishing rely on NextPage to harness their knowledge assets, apply best practices, and capitalize on expertise.

The iManage WorkSite suite is a comprehensive, integrated solution that delivers document management, collaboration, portal, and business process automation on an internet platform. With iManage WorkSite, enterprises can efficiently manage their business critical content and collaborate with employees, customers, partners and suppliers across the extended enterprise. This results in significant improvements in communications and process efficiency, enabling faster response to changing business conditions and a rapid return on investment.

Opentext Livelink is a collaborative application that brings together the best minds in your company—and connects them to your business partners, suppliers and customers, to streamline efficiencies, gain first mover advantage and save you money. As a highly scalable collaborative knowledge management application, Livelink delivers Web-based intranet, extranet and c-commerce solutions. Livelink removes boundaries and connects you to what matters most. People.


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