Other peer-to-peer stuff: Avaki provides

by Volker Weber

Other peer-to-peer stuff:

Avaki provides grid software that makes a heterogeneous network appear and function like a single operating environment. Avaki 2.0 eliminates many of the headaches associated with large scale organizational collaborations across highly distributed heterogeneous networked environments. Our grid software provides a single unified view of all computing resources, and radically simplifies administration across multiple domains. AVAKI 2.0 lets companies securely share access to disparate computing resources, data and applications between different projects, departments, sites and even business partners. Designed with fine-grained security, scalability, fault tolerance and performance in mind, our software streamlines distributed development and collaboration within or between organizations.

Uprizer grew out of the demand for a smarter Internet, where network resources and software intelligence are distributed globally. By harnessing the power of the Internet’s fundamental architecture and adding a new layer of software intelligence, Uprizer’s innovative KARMA™ product line redefines peer-to-peer computing and distributed networking technology. The Company’s decentralized, distributed network architecture and software products are based on co-founder Ian Clarke’s renowned Freenet platform architecture. Uprizer’s products aggregate unused network resources available on enterprise, wireless, and open Internet networks. This peer-to-peer approach turns every computing device into a profit-generating, globally scalable network of nodes. Content and network resources are distributed faster; bandwidth costs are significantly reduced; and users experience simpler, faster downloads no matter how many users are on the network. KARMA™ will ignite new business models, new revenue streams and service opportunities, and new applications that are simply not possible today.


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