WebSphere Professional: Inside WebSphere V4!

by Volker Weber

WebSphere Professional: Inside WebSphere V4! The IT world is now witnessing the first major battle in a "clash of the titans" that recalls the 1960s, when IBM wielded System/360 hardware to crush mainframe competitors — or the desktop wars of the early 1990s, when Microsoft launched the Windows blitzkrieg that overran Apple and IBM. In this latest conflict, IBM is again a principal combatant, but its chief weapon this time isn’t hardware or an operating system – it’s WebSphere Application Server (WAS). IBM’s goal is clear: it wants a dominant position in the current server-oriented era just as it once had when mainframes ruled the IT landscape. And, IBM is betting big that the victor this time around will be whoever supplies the lion’s share of application servers, such as WAS.


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