Mailexpire - Free Email Addresses

by Volker Weber

Mailexpire - Free Email Addresses to Avoid Spam - Because it's YOUR inbox Mailexpire is still the simplest, cleanest way for you to keep your inbox spam-free. Our system allows you to create a free email alias for yourself. For a period you choose, from 12 hours to 3 months, anything sent to this email alias will be passed on to you at your actual email address. You can now give this alias to that salesman you're not sure of. If you get appropriate email from him, that's great. However, if you start receiving spam, you know where it came from, and you only have to put up with it until your alias expires. If you want to extend your mailexpire alias, or kill it instantly, just use our unique control panel. Simple, isn't it? Mailexpire is free, and you can use it as often as you like.


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