Hugh Pyle on distributing applications

by Volker Weber

Hugh Pyle on distributing applications with Groove: With its component architecture supported by OSD - self-describing applications, made from granular, trusted, mobile code - Groove has built some infrastructure which takes the maintenance work out of thick-client applications. The ability to maintain multiple versions, multiple language implementations if you want, multiple native-platform codebases if you need, of a component-based framework means that your thousands or millions of clients can transparently update themselves. Groove's enterprise administration system means that you can even centralise the "code trust" question if that's appropriate. You can see this in action by creating a space, adding a custom tool to the space, and inviting your friends. Without any pain (and according to their corporate trust policies, if appropriate), your friends get the code. Their "thick client" dynamically updates itself to bring the code down. If they need a new version, it'll just arrive.


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