Lotus Domino 5.0.9 Breaks @DocChildren and @DocDescendants

by Volker Weber

Web views now report wrong data, fix coming in 5.0.9a.

On 28 November 2001, Lotus issued Quarterly Maintenance Release (QMR) 5.0.9 of Lotus Notes, Designer, Administrator clients and Domino server, internally dated 16 November 2001. This release provides a variety of minor (to most users) enhancements and a variety of bug fixes. The next QMR, 5.0.10, is scheduled for release in March 2002.

Unfortunately, Domino 5.0.9 also introduces a serious bug. When used in a view on the Web, @DocChildren and @DocDescendants always return "1". These functions should return the number of documents or categories belonging to the current document or category. The functions work correctly in views opened in Lotus Notes.

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