IBM developerWorks Live

by Volker Weber

IBM developerWorks Live! 2002 is the new premier event that merges three successful IBM conferences (WebSphere 2001, Lotus DevCon and Solutions, The IBM Technical Developers Conference) to bring you next year's most comprehensive and informative developer event.
More contacts. More Information. More resources
IBM developerWorks Live! will be packed with strategically designed informational sessions, hands-on workshops, and expert speakers to help Web developers and IT executives lead next generation development. In addition, the Solutions Center” a showcase of IBM e-business technology as well as Business Partner solutions and services” will enable you to see the latest technology and discuss your needs, one-to-one, with system, Web and solutions experts.

Join us in San Francisco this May and experience for yourself how IBM and its commitment to scalable, open architectures is the e-infrastructure leader of choice ranging from complex enterprise-wide solutions to NetGens who don't want to stop and rewrite code later.

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