Alien Skin Software : Eye Candy 3 Giveaway

by Volker Weber

Here's your opportunity to get Eye Candy 3, one of the most popular Photoshop filter sets, for free. Simply choose your platform below to start the download.

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robbi S, 2003-06-05

Hi I am very interested in downloading EC3 from your site. Before I download it I want to ask you if you also send the user name and the code needed for activation after the program is installed.
Your help and response will be most appreciated.
Thank you
Carmen E Bell

carmen e bell, 2004-09-08


GENE TAYLOR, 2005-08-26

I am interested in the Eye Candy 3. Do I understand that this is the full version or the demo version? I would love to have the full version and serial number if possible. If not then I guess I will be happy with the demo until I can afford to get one. Thanks! I have been wanting Eye Candy 4. But understand that it is no longer available. Also how do I add the serial or crack to the program?
Thanks! Connie Johnson 09-13-05

Connie Johnson, 2005-10-14

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