by Volker Weber is not just a simple website. It is completely dedicated to beginners in PHP programming. Our tutorials will teach you the basics and a little after-basics of programming in PHP and will help you to understand PHP right here - with no need of spending hours on the web searching for your answers.

There are no advanced documentations on Our visitors are mainly the newbies willing to learn PHP and the gurus wiling to teach PHP to newbies - that's how our website works!

Our goal is to bring as many developers to join PHP as possible, because PHP is the world's easiest programming language to learn and yet is one of the most powerful languages ever invented when you deal with creation of interactive and database-driven websites.

We are expecting many of you to contribute here your codes, comments or, even articles for beginners. Anything you think a beginner should know goes to databases. (via Schockwellenreiter)

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