Groove Explorer

by Volker Weber


In Groove version 2.0 try this: right click the Groove system tray icon and select "Open Explorer...". You'll like it! :-)


Only if you are stuck with an MS mentatlity. Groove is different, just like cars were when every one rode horses. The explorer is OK, but if the time that it took to develop this was put into allowing better configuration of the basic frontend. Well, they have to keep the Windows fraternity happy, lest they get lost in IT land, eh?

ukgrooving, 2002-04-14

Well, the reason that I like it, is: Explorer gives you a lot of information with very little screen estate. It is by no means polished or elegant.

I think you are right about the configuration of the front end. If I could do away with all the decoration and have a neat interface with contacts and spaces, side by side and no "skin" but simply the look and feel of the underlying O/S, that would make me even more happy.

Volker Weber, 2002-04-14

Great! The intention for this kind of view is to maximize showing the most available information! ANd that's what I myself need first when opening a space... One further step beyond Notes' customized "Welcome page"!

Schweppes, 2002-04-16

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