Happy birthday: Lotus turns 20

by Volker Weber

Some interviews with Lotus senior management in e-Pro magazine. Nobody is being hurt.

David Lorden, director strategy: New Lotus technology can reduce costs. Blair Hankins, director of messaging and wireless: Domino’s future is as brilliant as the stars. Michael Loria, director of advanced collaboration: collaboration is embedded in the future. Jeanette Horan, vice president of worldwide development and support: Innovative research is a continuous journey. Ken Bisconti, vice president of channels and alliances: business partners benefit from IBM connection. Steve Robinson, director of IBM software services for Lotus: Lotus services after 20 years.

While searching the publication for interviews I found this intersting piece from January 2001: A Conversation with Cliff Reeves

PS: Happy Birhday, Bob. I am not telling anybody what you are turning today. :-)


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