Groove opening up to SOAP

by Volker Weber

Meanwhile, I've been working on this special project using SOAP for Groove Networks. Dave Winer has mentioned us a few times and complains that we're a closed box. I'm going to change all that in a few months.

Initially I was interested in a way to get Groove running on PDAs. But porting our transceiver didn't seem feasible for me to accomplish in my lifetime. So I proposed that we try using SOAP as a way to communicate with a Groove account at some well known endpoint. We showed a working prototype using the .NET Compact Framework at the Microsoft PDC last October. And now I'm building the real thing!

I'm looking for some help from willing parties in the developer community. My initial release will be a public beta that will let people access information in their Groove workspace via "Web Services". Since Dave, and potentially other Radio heads out there have been asking for something like this for a while, I'd like to know what exactly you would like to see?

— John Burkhardt

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