I think I found a bad bug with encrypted attachments

by Volker Weber

The error message says: "You must supply the bulk encryption key ..."

Steps to reproduce:

1. Send yourself an encrypted Notes message with attachment.
2. Open the message.
3. Actions/Copy Into/New To Do
4. Open To Do.
5. Detach the attached file. Bang.

Workaround (insert steps):

2a) Go to edit mode.
2b) Open Delivery Options.
2c) De-select Encrypt.
2d) Escape, "Save only"

Now you can detach the file in step 5.

Find a copy of the test database with descriptive subject lines here: http://vowe.de/download/BugInCopyToNewToDo.zip

Note: You must apply the R5 Mail Template to display the documents.

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