Host Web Services on Lotus Domino

by Volker Weber

Web services is shaping up as the most important evolution in software architecture since the arrival of the Web. While the concept is simple, supporting Web services is turning out to require the next-generation of most software platforms.

However, if you use the IBM Lotus Domino server, you can do Web services right now! My method is 100 percent Domino and LotusScript. It is implemented as an .NSF with a script library and Web agent. Set it up now with Domino 5, and you can keep using it with the upcoming Domino 6.

I've created a Web services demo, written in LotusScript and hosted on Domino. Just download my demo files (links below), which give you the code, agent, and some documents as test data. Sign the agent, put it on your Domino server, and you have a standard Web service.

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Thanks,I could not see the links of your demo

Balraj Gill, 2005-10-14

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