Groove Tour #3

by Volker Weber

Hugh: "The issue for Groove (...) is how to get this application very widely deployed too." Exactly. Now let's assume that does not work RSN. What are the workarounds?

Hugh: "Have Groove, can travel (and get work done whilst travelling)." Anybody who has worked with Lotus Notes (and has enjoyed doing it) understands the value of that immediately. Hugh has that heritage, I have and many readers of this blog as well. Also, Groove takes away the pain of administration, cross certificates, replication schedules etc. *

It does not take away the burden of YAFC (yet another fat client) that you need to get past the corporate IT police. "I am Mordac, the preventer of IT services."

BTW: Very low tech approach to a quick discussion: Don't use e-mail. Set up the discussion at Quicktopic. No registration required for participants, no security available, free. You get what you pay for.

*) And printing <big evil grin>


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