Find a WLAN near you

by Volker Weber

Have you ever asked yourself: "What kind of WLAN signals are available and what is the SSID for the access point?" I thought that the driver software for a WLAN card would tell you, but in fact it does not.

So I have been looking for this kind of Windows software for a long time. Yes, I know there is war driving software like Netstumbler but that only supports Orinoco-type cards.

Today I read an article on John Patrick's weblog that struck me:

"Just before leaving I got the impulsive idea to fire up my Boingo software to see if there might be any wireless local area network signals in the air."

Boingo software? Well, you can download it here for free and it does exactly what I was looking for:


Speaking of John Patrick - he is one of the few "wild" internet people at IBM, or I should rather say "was". Because he recently retired from IBM. John still has a homepage at but I would rather be following his weblog for a while.


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