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In the weeks since Lotussphere, the removal of Domino 6's "Garnet" technology has caused quite a stir in the Notes community. One of the most prolific beta testers of Garnet on Notes.Net has been Jurgen Van de Moere of Eurodaq. Only a few hours after the original announcement of the removal of Garnet, Jurgen asked Notes Sauce to support an open source effort to replace the feature set. Without hesitation, we agreed. Since then, Jurgen has produced the first step in NSF-deployable JSPs: detailed instructions for integrating JSP engines with existing Domino 6 servers. There are many more steps to come, including the expansion of nimbus.Development's Bootloader technology, but the very first step in any effort is going to be the adding of infrastructural components for JSP delivery.

So keep an eye out for the release of Bootloader in its source code format in the forthcoming "Crucible" engine which we'll be using to support ongoing open source projects. But in the meantime, here's the first taste of things to come with Jurgen's guide to implementing Tomcat on Domino 6 servers.



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