Blogs as Disruptive Tech

by Volker Weber

Watching the Content Management Sales Guy on the convention floor, it was pretty clear that he'd faced this situation before: a potential client who was unwilling to pay full price for a mid-range CMS solution. So he did what most traditional companies do: he walked away from the revenue opportunity.

He was doing exactly what he'd been trained to do... which is exactly what convinced me that Weblog Software was a disruptive technology that would eventually end up putting his company out of business.

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Sure, blog software such as Greymatter does an awesome job of fulfilling *some* specific needs, for example, er, blogs, and Web content that is particularly blog-like. I think there are probably organizations that bought Interwoven and/or Vignette, for example, and used them in a trivial way that could have been accomplished just fine with Blog software (or could have home-built such an app relatively easily in the pre-blog era). However, on the other extreme, for companies that have fully utilized software that is focused on the management of XML components (i.e. Sigmalink, Astoria, etc.), where reuse of such components is essential and outputs to multiple formats (for example print and PDF) are a requirement, blogging software has no relevance.

Max Dunn, 2002-07-23

Hi Max
I couldn't agree more with that;)

Roger Fischer, 2002-07-23

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