Lotus Domino 6 Server for Linux

by Volker Weber

This IBM Redbook tells you how to run Domino 6 Server on Linux platform. Lotus Domino is platform-independent, but some specific knowledge about the platform and configuration is required to ensure that the Domino server is running most efficiently. In addition to this information this book will show that Linux is equal, if not better, operating system to run Domino as any other supported platform and that all the services pronvided by Domino are available on Linux platform too.

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is there a link on the web anywhere on how to install lotus domino 6 server on windows 2003, and how to administer it?

joseph djamasi, 2005-11-03

@ Josesph. Domino 6.0 is not officially supported on W2K3. Domino 6.5 is. (Possible that 6.04 is supported too, but I'm not sure). All Lotus documentation is online and can be accessed at http://www.notes.net/
:-) stw

Stephan H. Wissel, 2005-11-03

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