Lotus Notes 6 Release Candidate: Not Yet

by Volker Weber

The new Release Candidate beta of Lotus Notes 6 has at least one serious problem that disqualifies it. The term "release candidate" is generally defined to mean "we believe this version is good enough to be the final release, let's give it a good trial to verify."

A critical problem with LotusScript (LS) has surfaced in the Lotus Notes 6 Release Candidate internally dated August 01 2002. "There were some serious problems with event handling and LS library and module loading and freeing that are present in the RC (sorry)," said IBM's Jay Rosenthal on August 12. "The symptoms include a myriad of these seemingly erroneous LS errors." Rosenthal added, "We believe we have found and fixed the problems and are doing some heavy duty testing to ensure we have. Sorry for the inconvenience."

It is not known whether IBM will issue a second Release Candidate. Lotus Notes and Domino 6.0 are scheduled for final release in Q3, 2002.

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