Groove 2.1 and Notes On-Ramp

by Volker Weber

Groove 2.1 is out. Will be covered on Heise Newsticker tomorrow first thing in the morning. I am just keeping an embargo on this news until 6am CET.

If you can't find the Notes On-Ramp wizard, check your notes.ini. It should contain a line like any of these, depending on your Groove install path:


PROGAM~1 should be your applications directory and GRD11B~1.DLL is the 8.3 name for GrooveNotesOnRamp.dll

If that line is not in your notes.ini then put it there. Restart Notes. You should then find a Send to Groove item in your Actions menu while looking at any database view. Select a bunch of documents and call this action. Bingo.

Thanks, Hugh.


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