Uninstall Tools from Groove

by Volker Weber

Groove Workspace does not have an uninstall feature for tools that you have injected and do not like to carry with your account any more.

Update: Now it has. But it is not enabled by default. First you need to import this registry setting:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Groove Networks, Inc.\Groove\Development]

Then go into any space, switch to the Add Tool tab, select the tool you wish to delete and hit Ctrl-Del. Bingo.

Note from Paresh Suthar: Just be careful with this setting because it is a sledgehammer and will remove the tool from the manifest and the account - regardless of how many spaces that may already have instances of the tool in it. This technique is primarily meant for Groove tool developers.

My comment to Groove Networks: We as users need a supported uninstall feature in the Groove UI. Without it I am not trying any third party tools whatsoever.


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