Google Singles Domino Out From the Crowd

by Volker Weber

Google, developer of the popular Google search engine, is one step closer to its goal of searching not only all the content on the Web, but inside corporations as well. Google is just starting to let its search appliance access more structured content, and it added Lotus Domino as the first such database it scans.

Google chose Domino first because it’s a popular platform — but more importantly — because its customers asked for it, said Google spokesman Nate Tyler. The Google search appliance automatically collapses Lotus Domino URL space for fast, efficient crawling of Domino servers.

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From: "Google Appliance Sales Team"
Subject: Thank you for your interest in Google! 16.08.2002 17:28

Thank you for your interest in the Google Search Appliance. We receive numerous inquiries like yours as organizations seek Google's award-winning search technology to organize their intranets and Web sites.

Presently, the Google Search Appliance is shipping only in the U.S. and Canada. The Google Search Appliance is expected to be shipping to additional countries by early 2003.

Please check back on periodically for the latest information on our Google Search Appliance.

Google Search Appliance Sales

Stefan Kremer, 2002-08-17

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