Meeting Checklist

by Volker Weber

Evaluate the "intelligence" of your meeting system by exploring each stage of your meeting process. There are a total of 23 measures, each of which could lead to more productive communication.

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Interesting, but as Greg Hanek points out:

Folks, just a reminder that it is entirely possible to do all 23 of the things on this list, and still remain mired in inefficiency -- this list of tasks is only about improving communication. The people involved in the meetings must also be committed to actually making decisions, not merely discussing situations. Also important is to assign action items to individuals or groups, and then giving those folks enough information, control and power to see things through (and holding them responsible for success). Seems like common sense, but how many workplaces do not always perform according to common sense?

Can only speak for myself, but I know at least two without this level of common sense.


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