Interview: IBM's Linux Tech Chief

by Volker Weber

Q: Would you say that the Solaris to Linux program is a direct assault on Sun?

A: Yes. This is a space where we collaborate and cooperate in building infrastructure, and we compete fiercely at Linux business. We want to attract as many customers as possible moving from Solaris to Linux. Although we don't get all Linux customers, we expect to have a bigger piece of that pie. You bet, it's a direct competitive move, and we think it's something that's going to be successful, it's going to drive a lot of business for us. As to how successful it'll be, we'll just have to see. The intent is not only to move customers from Solaris to Linux, but to make them happier when we do that, give them a lower cost, a just-as-reliable solution that's open, standard, and portable.

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