Ray Ozzie: Clarifications on the Groove vs. Notes Debate

by Volker Weber

There are lots of Lotus Notes users out there. Notes was and is an incredibly powerful platform for developing forms-based document sharing applications, and it has provided tremendous value for those who made investments in it: typically corporate IT for email infrastructure, and the line-of-business for applications. But times have changed, and for a variety of good business reasons - some stated above - people are looking to bridge their Notes investments - training investments, application development investments, infrastructure investments - on their way into products such as SharePoint and Exchange.

I am almost sure, that Lotus people will not like this piece. It sure sounds more like Richard Eckel is beating the drum. Ray is feeling the empowerment: ... another fascinating and unique thing about this medium is that I can speak directly to this special interest group right here .... So, the question is, how far can you go?

Must control thoughts about the "dark side of the force". IBM is clearly not part of the rebel alliance, no matter whether they support Linux or not. "Nicht alles was hinkt, ist ein Vergleich." [Sorry, this cannot be translated. Don't even think about using Babelfish]

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