I see dead people

by Volker Weber

Steve Gillmor, riffing on Python (no, not that Python) says Notes is dead. Ray Ozzie, riffing on Steve, says publishing is dead.

Well, I'm sure that both Notes and Publishing, if they could be rendered as corporeal beings, would quote Python as well: "I'm not dead yet."

Notes and its offspring, Domino, despite the best efforts of IBM to kill them, somehow live on despite the bungling. Publishing, despite the New Media's desire to cast it onto the metaphorical undertaker's cart, still appears to be the only way to make money off words reliably. Publishing has outlasted Pointcast's push and it will doubtless outlast P2P. It will coexist with the Web, weblogs, etc. just as it has with film, radio, and television.

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Looks like Steve's buddy Sean Gallagher misses the point that Ray is making fun of Steve.

Ed Brill, 2002-08-30

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