Radio not online

by Volker Weber

Alexis Smirnov: "I'm puzzled why Dave and Co still have not implemented the obvious functionality of being able to access weblog editing UI directly from" Paresh Suthar: "Amen to that!"

I am puzzled why so many people use the client-based Radio Userland, instead of a wonderful server-based content management system like Movable Type. No need to worry about where your files are, whether you have ftp access, how to backup your stuff. Post from everywhere, let other contribute to your weblog.

If you use Radio, please tell me why. I don't get it.


I'm actually on the road quite a bit (airplanes, trains, etc.) and frequently am without an Internet connection for long stretches. Having the client software installed on my PC means that the blog is always with me - and when I have a connection again, it automatically updates.

Rick Klau, 2002-10-16

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