IQ Test

by Volker Weber



Collecting some results: Stefan 126, Joe 135, Wolfgang 131.

Volker Weber, 2002-10-16


Dirk Bartkowiak, 2002-10-16

please include me so i can verify i have not grown senile

ashok hingorani, 2002-10-16

Ashok, you told me you scored 144 at the Mensa test 25 years ago. So what's the score now?

Volker Weber, 2002-10-16


Stefan Rubner, 2002-10-16

127 :)

Zate, 2002-10-16


Jens-Christian Fischer, 2002-10-16

score: 138
type : Facts Curator

Jeroen, 2002-10-16

hmmm just 131 -
must be the age showing ? or too many groove IM's during the course of the test. but quick and fun.

plus they decide i am a visionary philosopher ?
I'd settle fo successful software developer.

ashok hingorani, 2002-10-16

145 :)

Alexis Smirnov, 2002-10-16


144, incl., calculator, pencil & paper ;-)

Schweppes, 2002-10-16

133 - I'm a visionary philosopher!

Jeff, 2002-10-16

127, but I was multitasking. Maybe I'll take it again.

131 - this was fun!

Wolfgang, 2002-10-17

136, "visionary philosopher". huh! Of course the concept of a "right answer" is just so twentieth-century :-)

Hugh, 2002-10-17

133, poor business model for emote, they should have given us lower scores to make us invest into training

Stephan Gieffers-Ankel, 2002-10-17

134 (visual mathematician), whereas my mensa-score some years ago was quite a bit higher. but maybe i just grew older, and not wiser :)

michi, 2002-10-17

138, visionary philosopher

ziya, 2002-10-21

The funniest part of it all is how there will always be someone who says the word 'mensa' whenever discussing their IQ score........give it a break.......shouldn't you be staring in a mirror somewhere?

skinflint, 2003-03-17

173. I am not kidding!

Nick, 2003-03-21

127 iq score
Shucks, I misread two questions,but it was fun at 39years old to do and and to be told I am a visionary philosopher,
which a few people have noticed I can think in those terms.

ken wilbourne,jr, 2003-03-27

The test was intriguing but the true test was not the answers to the questions on the exam. The true test was how you learned the meaning of Philosopher Visionary after seeing that your exam revealed you to be a Philosopher Visionary. The true sign of genius is that you chose to use Google over Visa.

The purpose of the emode test is to extract something of value from the reader. After engaging the intellect and then buttering up the ego emode promises to show the secret of the reader’s life for a small nominal fee. This is a classic selling technique heavily used by conmen.

Bill, 2003-04-04

138.... hehe bill thats just how i found this board 15 dollars my ass im playing..... notice how the scores are all >120 it doesnt say youre a dumbass but pay money to see why, what a scam

Zeby, 2003-04-21

138, Visionary Philosopher...

Anybody else notice how many 138/Visionary Philosophers there are?? Was trying to google the phrase when I found this board...

Michael, 2003-04-22

133-fact curator...i guess if you're smart enough to google instead of pay you're above about 130...a little dumber would have cost me $14.95...

144-what's the top score? they don't keep you guessing i guess...;)

kristina, 2003-04-26

Visionary Philosopher @ 136. That is 5 points higher than the last real test I completed. Got to say it does sound a bit of a con. What a waste of 10 minutes.

James, 2003-04-30

Look at the scores! It doesn't take a genius to know that it is unlikely that everyone scores within such a high range. My 8-year-old scored a 133. I'm with you Bill. It is a total con but fun all the same.

Jennifer, 2003-05-07

Gee, I was feeling smart until I found out an 8-year-old almost matched my score (135, and another visionary philosopher). The palm readers have gone high-tech, and they take plastic.

hey ..... 140 Visionary Philosopher !!! Me too!

rebexus, 2003-05-21

Toooo funny - was looking up "visionary philosopher" to stroke my ego some more when I stumbled across this page - too much free time on my hands...I'm going to go and "visualize" a "philosophical" reason why I should vacuum my house instead..LOL...Only 130

Patti, 2003-05-22

135 but hey...I cheat!

Jeff Stone, 2003-05-22

As a teacher I had my students take the test for fun. Imagine my surprise to find they were all highly gifted!
It was a great way to show them how some people will use questionable marketing techniques. seemed to have more credible results.
Anyone else try it?

Laurie, 2003-05-29

129... I guess I am the stupid one in this bunch! I looked up visionary philosopher on google too. This is too funny. I was thinking there for a second that maybe I COULD work for NASA! Well, back to the old grind... *sigh*

Jennifer, 2003-05-29

142 - visionary philosopher. Boy was I proud, until I did a google search on "visionary philosopher" and ended up here. Had a good laugh when I saw others suffered the same fate. Now I see I am just marginally above average....

I did use pen and paper to solve some of the problems. Shouldn't time be a factor? If someone produces the same answers as I did, but in half the time, aren't they more intelligent?

Darlene, 2003-06-02

Seems like Laurie the teacher is actually a plant from I took their test and they didn't even give me the results, they just tried to sell their stuff. Anyway, I got 133 on this one and I'm a visionary philosopher, just like everyone else.

Brad, 2003-06-05

I got a 140 and apparently no one in the world is NOT a visionary philosopher. I see two things here: On the one hand an ostensibly normal group of students all came out gifted. On the other hand, some people scored lower than their mensa scores. I don't think it just boosts your score. I think it just picks a random high number.

Anyway, I don't feel cheated because I didn't pay them any money and got to feel reel smart for a sec.


jhericks, 2003-06-05

Try this link out for a definition of Visionary Philosopher.

does this make me smarter since I didnt pay?

Cale, 2003-06-05

138, [another!] visionary philosopher. I also landed here with Google, and chuckled to find out how many of you also did! Why the tight range? Maybe smarter people already know what a visionary philosopher is, and not as smart people don't care to find out...

Kevin, 2003-06-07

72! - I took the test again answering as many wrong as I could. Can anybody get a lower score? Try!

Kevin, 2003-06-07

Ok, the maximum possible score at emode's ICQ test is 144 (so Alexis Smernov's 145 was indeed a wry joke), at least until they change it.


I scored 142 and it drove me crazy not knowing which questions I goofed on, so I wrote a little program to take the test for me and deduce the correct answers. I discovered I misjudged one question. Oh well.

Arnold, 2003-06-07

136--another "visionary philosopher". But I wonder if this is all bs. Maybe only people who expect (hope) to score high would even bother with a free IQ test?

I wonder if "visionary philosopher" correlates to any kind of Myers-Briggs profile? I'm an INTP, myself.

Bruce, 2003-06-09

I scored 135 after drinking a six pack does that matter?

Eric, 2003-06-09

Wow--I feel so special! I'm a "Word Warrior," according to EMode. My result was 131.

Suzanne, 2003-06-09

136 & a "visionary philosopher," but I *do* love chocolate. Score is within the range of my prior IQ tests, which have clustered around 130. And no, I didn't pay EMode anything.

David, 2003-06-10


And from New Jersey no less!

And public school educated

I once took one around age 24 where the score was never revealed. However, it changed the way some folks with some ill intentions, and who administered the exam, dealt with me after that. I dunno. I have done some pretty dumb things, though.

At least forking over $15 to learn more about a Visionary Philospher was not one of them. Hey! A follow-up e-mail even included a picture of Plato, no less.

Oh well. Back to trying to take over the world. I'll settle for the Montclair, NJ, real estate market.

EssexREalMan, 2003-06-10

140, Visionary philosopher! Was trying to google the phrase, too. Gotta go get some chocolate. I think I'll buy a $15 box.

Stephen, 2003-06-11

135 and I feel like an idiot.Mmm. Dark chocolate would fix that.

Debora, 2003-06-11

We are all visionary philosophers and thats how we got to meet here, we are a group of true geniuses and if we form a society we can together change the world! (or a different world, since we think outside the box).

doug, 2003-06-12

Alas, I am also a 140 V.P. who googled his way to enlightenment.

Just to promote thought, I'd like to address the concept of "timed" testing mentioned by Darlene above. I have taken other tests where time is a consideration and some where it is not. Is faster really smarter? A Complex answer delivered in short order is certainly impressive. The Great Wall of China is impressive too, but I think it would perform poorly if asked a question from any of the tests I've seen. In the end, if you can solve the problem that most cannot than you are probably "smarter".

Then again my friend (multiply tested in the 170s) has destroyed not one but two cars for failure to change the oil in them.

We're all buffoons.

It'd be cool to see how you guys differ in opinion on this.

Steve Houdek, 2003-06-12

135 and a Visionary Philosopher! But I don't like chocolate at all, never have, never will.

Christy, 2003-06-12

I scored a 133 and was multitasking as high as a kite. I even live in TN (I'm a brightspot for the south). This test is B@##$%^&!!! I don't like Chocolate and I'm not a vissunarry fillosofer, I'm just someone with an IQ a little bit above average that knows how to use a search engine( GOOGLE ) I would also like to take over the world, but I am too lethargic and laaazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

johnny joe, 2003-06-12

Facts Curator, for a moment I was in the top 5 % of the i am just one of the many who use google and are
victimized by emode pop ads.....sigh...
atleast they are trying to find me a date.....thats cheerful.....not sure if i want to pay up...

naveed, 2003-06-12

130- I am a fag.

Richard, 2003-06-14

Well, I took the test for real and got a 131. Then I retook it and gave random answers, and got a 79. So apparantly they won't just automatically give you over a 120!

138 and I got Visual Mathematician. I didn’t look up answers on google, but I did use pen and paper (a smarter person would have found a pencil). Is it cheating to use paper?

I like Steve's point about time on testing and the real value of these types of tests in general. I've been in the software engineering space for a number of years and some of the smartest computer scientists I've met can't figure out how to comb their hair, or form a complete intelligible sentence. There is something to be said for balance; the ability to communicate, the ability to create art, write a poem, or write gangsta rap lyrics.

Ninja, 2003-06-19

127-One of the few facts curators out there amongst all you Visionaries. I think that it's absolutly hilarious that we all Googled this crap. I especially love Richard's comment about being a fag.

Kelly, 2003-06-22

127 - Any other "Insightful Linguists" out there? I'm bummed that I'm not a "Visionary Philosopher" like the rest of you.

Jean, 2003-06-24

136 and I got Visual mathematician

yeah. i think that was an easy test though . . .

barry, 2003-06-25

yay 129 and a Visual Mathematician...I hate math though ;)

Infiltrator, 2003-06-26

140 in under 10 minutes. Felt terribly smart for a second... Tried again always giving A for an answer, and got 82. But I did not see the 'visionary' stuff anywhere...

David, 2003-06-26

Scored 133, visual math nerd. I took the test and felt good. Even had a good nights sleep. The next morning I could not help but think, "that test sure seemed easy." So I searched on Google for "emode iq test scam" and found this page. I wish I would have done that BEFORE I spent 15 bucks. Crap!

joe smoe, 2003-06-27

129 - but I'm considered a "Word Warrior". Now if I could only think of something else interesting to post...

Hellcat, 2003-06-28

142, First try.

After some tedious work, I found I only missed one, number 7:

7. John likes 400 but not 300; he likes 100 but not 99; he likes 2500 but not 2400. Which does he like?
A 900
B 1000
C 1100
D 1200

I guessed 1000 because all of the numbers he likes, when divided by 3 give a remainder of 1/3, while the numbers he does not like are all divisible by 3. Answer C is not divisible by 3 but also has a different remainder (2/3). If I spent more time on that, I would have realized that he seems to like perfect squares (i.e. 400=20^2, 100=10^2, 2500=50^2), so the answer is 900 (30^2). Hope this helps.

Dylan, 2003-06-28

I was like...What's a facts I am

132 after 3 beers, while talking to my girlfriend on the phone, watching "Mail Call" on WinTV, and eating dinner. 15 minutes.

I'm may be a loser but I wasn't chump enough to cough up 15 clams!

Dingus, 2003-06-28

136 after seeing my score,i got so interested with what a facts curator is until i reached this window. i even got more interested when i learned that i belong in the top few % of all those who took this test but sadly, i got disappointed with the comments here that i end up thinking i wasn't so smart after all. :-)

127: iamnotamazing.

dirk swenson, 2003-07-04

127, Insightful Linguist

Alison, 2003-07-05

hmm.... I understand that the kangaroo is supposed to be unique b/c it's a marsupial.... but come on! The mule is the freak show of the animal kingdom! It's sterile and comes from a horse and a donkey! That's the problem with me when I take these tests.... my answers are always more original as theirs, and mabye even just as right :)

And for some reason that question about England took me forever... which is very ironic since I was just there 3 days ago on vacation.

Also, the question where the two people are racing between points X and Y, two of the answers are identical! The question is: who is first? And one says they tie, while another says neither. If they tied, then neither is first! So... can either answer be correct?

Question #33: It shows 5 shapes with a dot in them, and asks which one doesn't fit. I picked the non-equilateral triangle, because all the others have a dot that is equidistant from the horizontal and vertical extremes... but I've heard the answer is the circle....? Why, just because it's not a quadrilateral?

Bah humbug

I got a 129 the first time, then tried it again and got a 136

Jeremiah, 2003-07-05

um... lest I appear like a moron, I didn't mean to say quadrilateral, just whatever that large grouping of straight lined figures is called :)

Jeremiah, 2003-07-06

A multitasking 129, visionary philosipher, and another INTP - boy do I feel average!

And a below average typist! (that should have read "philosopher")

133 1st (and only) attempt. Visionary, perhaps... genius, never really thought of it that way; maybe they are on to something!

Bruce L, 2003-07-12

15 years old, scored 148 on Emodes IQ test.

Are there any other tests I can take?

Kristen, 2003-07-12

another 135 visionary philosopher that uses google before pulling the plastic out of my wallet... I think I'll just read fortune cookies from now on!

steve, 2003-07-14

136 visionary philosopher - what a load of crap!

Tanya, 2003-07-14

136 visionary philosopher as well - Ditto

Adrianne, 2003-07-17

127 Visual Mathematician
I guees i R duh dum won

Xentryx, 2003-07-17

136 Facts Curator - didn't pay, used alta vista to find definition of this category. Found this lovely record of previous travelers.

if time is not a factor, why do they time the SAT/ACT's etc?

I want to believe everyone on this page is:
-well educated
-comfortable taking tests
-computer savy (obviously)
-enjoys a challenge
-possesed of the time to persue this optional follow-up
-skeptical of what they read and experience on the internet

That would lead me to believe that perhaps we really are in that "above average" section of the (1.2 billion sampling?) bell curve. and the ego stroke was more than just a marketing ploy.

I don't recall any disclaimer "for entertainment purposes only". If there is a lawyer out there, perhaps you can unscramble the following letters:


c ya

Gary, 2003-07-18

In reply to Dylan's message concerning this question:

After some tedious work, I found I only missed one, number 7:

7. John likes 400 but not 300; he likes 100 but not 99; he likes 2500 but not 2400. Which does he like?
A 900
B 1000
C 1100
D 1200

I saw the answer not as 900, but as 1200. My reasoning. John likes numbers that are 1 greater (multiplied by some factor) than the number which he does not like. Thus, from my perspective, John couldn't possibly like 900, 1000, nor 1100, because each is 1 (x 100) less than any of the numbers given as optional answers. Therefor, I saw 1200 as the only number provided which was 1 greater than, but NOT 1 less than any of the other options.

Out of the whole thing, what I got out of it was finding this board. Why? Jeremiah summed it up. Depending on how you look at the world, a great variety of answers are possible. Not every question possessed an 'absolute, one and only answer'. I chose the marsupial...but, I could have as easily selected the mule.

Was fun!

- Sam

Facts Curator

replican, 2003-07-18

a mars-hoo?? ...wat????

i pikd the kangaruu cos they bouns...the ohters donet bouns, doo they?? i lik to bouns they gav me a 71...and culled me visibul flipaypr. is thatok?

Oh...wait.... The tubes are warming up...there we go. 140 and supposedly a visual philosopher. Suppose the majority of us got here by looking up "visual philosopher", because the majority of us were classified as such?? Naaaaa...

Huck, 2003-07-18

Oh...wait...that's "visionary philosopher".... I think mine said "visual philosopher"! : )

Huck, 2003-07-18

i don't think i'll be braggin' 'bout my new scores to the friends this weekend... ***another satisfied customer from vowe dot net!***

will, 2003-07-19


"After some tedious work, I found I only missed one, number 7:

7. John likes 400 but not 300; he likes 100 but not 99; he likes 2500 but not 2400. Which does he like?
A 900 B 1000 C 1100 D 1200

I saw the answer not as 900, but as 1200. "

Who says it is 900? I am pretty sure the answer is 1000. All the answers he likes are in the form (2 to the X) * (5 to the Y). The wrong answers either have 3s or 11s in them.

138/Facts curator. Another googler!

nathan, 2003-07-22

Hmmm, didn't see the perfect squares explanation. Interesting. Could both be right and just affect your type? No wonder I didn't break 140. Damn.

nathan, 2003-07-22

131 ... mmm if I'm so smart how come I don't know what means to be a Facts Curator?; and, to pay for the 15 pages wouldn't be an insult to my IQ ?

My mother's tongue is spanish, and I understand that being inteligent in castellano is not the same as being inteligent in english or french. It seems that Inteligence is a cultural value and messured acordingly to the ideology on fashion.

I'm not sure if our IQ's are so high, but when I read you guys I feel like there is no accident in our words metting in this page. If we are not as smart as the test sugest, we certenly are a kind of community with very similar values... don't you think?

Enrique, 2003-07-22

135 - Maybe on my best day, but it was 1 am, I was exhausted and I'd had more than a few. That got me started looking for a page like this. Nothing like an IQ feel good page for the masses. At least they didn't get any money from me.

Greg, 2003-07-22

Not nearly as hard as writing a good, convincing legal analysis!

INFP MBTI has a free test last I checked.

Andy the Lawyer, 2003-07-23

127- what a hoot..googled my way here as well and have enjoyed reading all of your "opines"
thanks for the fun..nathan i thought 1000 was the right response..course they told me i was "quick thinker on my feet" too :) haha..recon i will go trip the lite fantastic now..that's assuming i don't trip on the tinkle de bump de boom..:)

136 - wrote it quick before dinner. I must say, it was a pretty easy test, but some of the questions you did have to be on your game. I thought the answer to the "like, not like" thing was 1000, as if you take away a 'unit' of 100 leaving 900, which is divisible by 3, and hence not likable. Notice how the others were '2500 and 2400' and '100 and 99'. I guess '99' is used because the lowest unit is 1, (as 100 minus 100 is zero). That's how I saw it. The other questions with identifying the dissimilar shape should have been the Right Angle Triange, as it did not possess symmetry. It could have been the circle due to not having any right angles, but thats argumentative. I hate Iq tests that aren't clear. I've scored around 136 before on other iq tests, so I did not find my score unreasonable.

Ethan Pyne, 2003-07-24

I guess I am the only one who found this site through a search on MSN, which is where I discovered the Emode IQ test (and hence why I was sucker enough to believe that lended the test some credibility). Apparently, it would have been more accurate to have been labeled an Average Joe instead of a Visual Mathematician (with a score of 127).

Andrew, 2003-07-24

135 - visual mathematician. Bubble burst on reaching this site. Oh well, back to the day job.

matt, 2003-07-24

Hey, I google-nauted my way here after getting a 136 (4 "wrong")on that test. The e-mail says I'm a facts curator, but I know I'm really a visual masturbatician. I still think a case could be made for excluding grapes from the coconut-banana-pear-apple club, but I guess e-mode doesn't think in terms of trees and vines. Love to all,


John-John, 2003-07-25

Hi all,

Ok, I wasted money on this, but here is why: The Emode IQ test gave me a 144, but while in school, I was tested at 151 and did not put forth a great deal of effort. (My teacher thought I was an idiot and insisted I get tested so I could be placed in Special Ed. After the test I over heard the person who gave me the test tell the teacher I was smarter than either of them! Turned out my teacher thought I was an idiot because I am mildly dyslexic) I thought teacher were trained to recognize these things

Anyway back to the Emode IQ test. I paid for the report and found out I got all of the answers correct! I know IQ tests are based off of age, so I retested but used a false and lower age and still received a 144. It appears that the Emode IQ test has an artificial max score of 144?

Has anyone really scored higher lately?

Thanks and have a great weekend,


Vanity prevails :) ...
Most R_E_M_A_R_K_A_B_L_E ....


quux, 2003-07-26

131 - visual mathematician
Not bad for a girl who always thought that linguistics was her strong point. But then again, English is not my native language. Have a great day!

Marianne, 2003-07-31

I think the lowest you can get on their test is a 72, I made sure all the answers were wrong. How nice of them to call me "Inventive Inquisitor". Perhaps if I were to pay with my credit card to get their report it'll read more honestly....something like, Moron.....and softened by the words....but what counts is what's in your heart.

I really scored a 127 as a visionary philosopher, but I feel smarter for having found my way here after using a search engine as everyone else here did.

Anne Torres, 2003-08-01

Update from the Inventive Inquisitor:

I've just been emailed to purchase my report. It reads:
"Did you know? You have the unusual distinction of being equally good at math and verbal skills. This means you are a creative thinker and are exceptionally good at teaching others." Teaching others, can you belive that? Then they say there is a 15-page IQ report on my unique intellectual strengths (I got all the answers wrong!). I DON'T remember any disclaimer stating that this is for entertainment.

Anne Torres, 2003-08-01

138 - Visionary Philosopher.. snicker.
OK, I came here through google not looking up V/P but trying to find the damned answers!! Doesn't anybody *care* about a couple of those fiendish shape things? lol. But seriously, was looking for the answers list + an explanation of those that aren't self-evident when the answer is present. For what it's worth, that small of a sample of questions without a time limit affecting scoring cannot create the dynamic range needed to score the test properly. It appears that we have been graded on a 3 bit bell curve lol

Steve, 2003-08-04

131 F/C - always tested high bright normal and now that I am in my 50's I can brag that I am as smart as a guy in his 60's. It is possible that the unwashed masses never take these tests or never surf to a site like this to display how badly they regress to the mean. Getting a 90 might demotivate the casual tester...the curve might be true but I doubt it. Being in the top 20% is way different than the top 2% on most curves. Something is shifted and not defensible. We been had, but only a little. ({-;)

Bozo, 2003-08-05

127 - Facts Curator.

Rick, 2003-08-06

127 - Facts Curator. What the #%$*@ does that mean??

Rick, 2003-08-06

Comments closed

Volker Weber, 2003-08-08

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