Microsoft's Weblog Software

by Volker Weber

msblog.jpgPicture the following scenario: Microsoft has created a weblog tool that is designed to run inside the firewall at a company. It's browser-accessible from any 4.0 or higher web browser and doesn't require Windows on the client. It leverages their strengths by integrating with Office, and there's no per-user client access fee. Then imagine if this weblogging tool were deployed to millions of users, all before anyone in the weblog community took notice.

That scenario is real.

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2 years later ms is coming through with their own weblog solution. although i have not found any press release yet, i have been told the ms blog is going to go public next week. (on the other hand, nothing happened when aol gave journals to every user, ha.)

Carola Heine, 2004-11-25

ah, it's just

Carola Heine, 2004-11-25

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