Site Redesign Day

by Volker Weber


Today seems to be Site Redesign Day. I relaunched my Quickplace with the new version 3.0. Boy, is this faster now. Besides the fact that it now looks a lot more business-like -- no more burning trashcans and flying papers -- there are enhancements everywhere. You can now download source files that have been published as HTML, for instance PowerPoint files. The new design does away with most of the images, and it loads a lot faster now. Very nice.

There are also a few minor changes to this humble weblog. The title now is a permalink to the individual entry. The author moved to a line directly under the title and the time is gone for good. The comments link looks more natural now.

What do you think? Any suggestions?


I can't get in to your QuickPlace to see what you have done ?

Joe O'Laughlin, 2002-11-02

Works as designed. I am sorry, but my Quickplace is not public territory.

Volker Weber, 2002-11-02

Stung by being unable to particpate in properly reviewing your site design, I downloaded my OWN 45 day free QuickPlace 3 demo.
Does look smoother than the free MayeticVillage limited set of QP2 that you alerted us all about. Runs clunkier, though. Perhaps that is just server priorities for the free demo, not the optimally hosted commercial product?

Joe O'Laughlin, 2002-11-03

My QP site is not a 45 days IBM free demo, but is professionally hosted by Softwerk.

I can only compare QP2 on this machine to the new QP3 and it runs much faster now.

Your mileage may vary.

Volker Weber, 2002-11-03

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