Switched site search from Atomz to Google

by Volker Weber

I have been using Atomz as my site search for two years now and I have always been very satisfied. But for more than a year my site has outgrown the number of pages that Atomz will spider for free. I went from monthly archives to individual archives so that every single post can be found on its own page. That way my site has grown from about 40 to more than 1500 pages, and keeps on growing every single day.

I played with MT Search for a few minutes. But it is way to slow and will also not search my static pages.

Since most of my referrers come from Google anyway, I decided to switch the site search to Google as well. If you enter something in the search box to your right and hit enter (or click the button) we will briefly take you to Google, which returns a list of all the individual pages that contain your search string items. If you hit one of those links you are back here.

Try it out.


Not bad at all. How quickly do updates to your site land in Google, though?

John Keys, 2002-11-04

Just look for vowe on Google.com. It currently shows you the page from 2002-11-02. That is two days old. Atomz spidered my page only once a week.

Volker Weber, 2002-11-04

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