Groove Workspace 2.1c Build 1550

by Volker Weber

Groove did a silent update last week. Again. No notification, no changelog, no information about bugs that have been fixed. Please note this permanent address for the latest build:


My thoughts entirely. Even MS give out the details, why not Groove, I thought it was an 'open' platform.

Clive Davies, 2002-11-11

Again improvements are coming. It is true that the upgrade process has hardly been exemplary. For example, I know that the download process has been brought in-house having been exasperated by problems from their outsourced download supplier - akamai. Thus the downloads are now fed from

Partners are now beginning to be fed some documentation around bugs fixed in updates, so slowly things are heading the right direction. Also I agree that 2.1c it has to be said was one that slipped out very quietly. Though what amazes me is that it actually happened! Over the last few weeks Groove have released 2.1, 2.1a, 2.1b and now 2.1c. And all this with 2.5 imminent. So that shows a tremendous focus on trying to updates out.

My attitude to updates now is if there is no obvious reason for upgrading then I have better things to do with my time. As yet I see no reason why I should consider 2.1c as worth a look. Does anyone know any better?

Andy Swarbrick, 2002-11-13

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