Busy Week

by Volker Weber

12 NOV 02 LH5590 0645 0820
13 NOV 02 LH5619 1840 2030
14 NOV 02 LH4092 0730 0840
15 NOV 02 LH4119 1915 2045


You have your flight numbers backwards....5590 to Florence and 5619 back to Frankfurt. Just thought you would want to know...

There are certain blogs we read where the author has been travelling lately and not kept their blog updated. I think I know you better....

Ed B, 2002-11-11

Thanks. Lufthansa got them right on the tickets.

As far as updating is concerned: The Thinkpad does not travel to Florence. Only meetings and stuff ... Mostly stuff. :-)

Volker Weber, 2002-11-11

if the stuff involves large quantites of gelati, I am sorry that I am flying home from Copenhagen tomorrow :(

Ed B, 2002-11-11

Stuff includes Cocktail at Palazzo Corsini, Via Il Prato 58 and Dinner at Ristorante Natalino, Borgo Aldizi 17, a nice and hopefully quite room at Piazza Ognissanti 1. And Gelati is not out of the question. :-)

Volker Weber, 2002-11-11

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